Psychic Reading

Hello everyone:


Can you believe it’s over already? We plan and plan and it seems like it’s over in a lickety split second.


I have been wanting to tell you all about my psychic reading with Gail.


So, this past weekend I contacted a medium, Gail Murray that had done a house party for me 6 years ago.  My friend, Kelly and I had gone to Salem, Ma around Halloween one year and Kelly had a really good reading by Gail at a psychic fair.


When I was looking to do a psychic party I contacted Gail to see if she would travel out to Shirley.  I wanted to see how accurate she was first so I asked her if she could do a phone reading for me.


I called Gail and the first thing she asked me was if I had been looking at waterfront property? I had just brought Dan to look at a lot on a lake in NH the past weekend to buy and build a home. How could she know that?  I asked if we would wind up buying and she said “sorry”. We have not bought a home as of yet on the water.


Gail then asked me if my Grandfather had just passed away. He did, indeed. She told me a woman stepped forward and said her name was “Nancy”. Nancy was my grandfather’s daughter who passed away before him. They are obviously together.


The rest of the reading was accurate so I didn’t hesitate to hire Gail for my Ladies’ psychic party. Gail read me again that night and told me news that we didn’t know yet. She was dead on right about most everything with me.  She freaked me out a bit with some of the things she told me but 2 weeks later what she said was confirmed.


Fast forward to this past Saturday.


 A friend had asked me about a psychic so I found Gail’s information and they were in touch. This made me think that I would enjoy being read by her again.  I contacted her by e-mail and we set up a time to talk by phone within days.


The theme of my reading was that the work I am doing needs to be on a larger scale. I have more potential than I realize and that I am doing it on a small scale but need to reach my true potential. I should believe that it can and will happen and I should even act like it already is…


She said I need to really figure out what exactly and specifically I want to do and manifest it. She told me it is totally reachable and that it can happen, I just need to believe and take steps to get there.


Gail said I am very self aware and that I already knew a lot of what she told me but I needed to hear it from someone else.


She did tell me some personal, specific things that I could confirm.  She did bring something up that I wasn’t expecting, but that she nailed.


Once again it was a good reading. She did tell me some specific details that no one could have told her. She also left me with some steps to take and a “theme” for my reading.  It all made sense to me and there was little that I didn’t understand.


I get a reading every few years. I do this when I feel stuck, usually in my career or path I should take. It has always been a positive experience but with Gail I feel like she really connects with me.


The reading left me feeling positive and hopeful about what I am doing and should I keep doing it. Am I on the right path? Should I do something else or give up all together?


I am on the right path but I may change a little on how I do it. I should put out to the universe that I am open to anything and what that may bring me.


Pam actually brought me a card on Christmas Eve with a bee that read “bee open to all possibilities”. How perfect was that card?


I think I am going to do a Vision Board. Have you guys heard of them? You cut out words or images that you want to happen in your life and paste them on a poster board. When you can see what you want you can attract it.I have done this exercise in workshops I have given and they are fun and helpful.


I will post a picture when I make this.


Sadly, I didn’t have a winner to the Frank and Oak $25.00 credit. I think with the holiday folks were too busy to play. Hopefully, I will host another one soon and the timing will be better.


If you would like to contact Gail for a reading here is some information about her.

  Gail and her husband Tom are both former trustees of the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism and mediums trained by the founders, the late Reverend Dr. Erle Myers and his wife Ida.  They have also trained with the International Spiritualist Federation by a number of mediums from around the world — mostly the U.K. and Scotland.

 She can be reached by e-mail at :

 Question of the day: have you ever had a psychic reading? Was it accurate?



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9 Responses to Psychic Reading

  1. Christy Shepard says:

    Did you book a party I would love to come !!

  2. Christy Shepard says:

    Love the vision board we should all make one in ride class !

    • karenmregan says:

      Oh, i would love for you to do one too. They are so helpful. Think we can get the guys to do one? That would be awesome!  

      • Christy Shepard says:

        What kind of board would I buy?? Maybe I’ll make it a group vision board have the guys each bring in pictures?? I can’t see them doing a whole one themselves unless I buy little boards. Wonder if I would be able to put it up in the ride room !!

      • karenmregan says:

        Christy:   I just get a poster board at CVS. A little stronger than construction paper but nothing fancy. I like the idea of a group one! Fun!!  

  3. Christy Shepard says:

    I am going to get one I have cut out somethings to put on it Im going to make a Tuesday Group ride Vison board !! See if we can get everyone to bring in something to add to it !!

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