2013 in review

Happy New Year!



It is so hard to believe it is 2014! . Each year flies by quicker than the previous one and it seems to be gone before we know what happened.

Doesn’t it seem at times like each year looks just like the last one? We get so caught up in our day to day routine lives that things don’t seem to change very much.

Every year at this time I like to ask myself a few questions to review the past year and see what I might like to change in the next year.  These questions help me to have clarity on what I want and to stay focused on what I need to do to get there.

Here are some questions I ask myself.

  1.  What was I most proud of this year and why?  This year I started a Blog,www.fabinyour40s.com  with the hopes to start a community of women in their 40’s sharing their experiences, success and struggles. It hasn’t always been easy to find the time or topic to write about every day.  I get excited when someone comments on my Blog but there are times when no one does and it can be discouraging. Then I remind myself that even though I may not get a lot of comments, I do see I have many followers. I am proud that I started and stuck with something that I am passionate about even if it doesn’t always seem like people are responding to it.
  2. What would I like to change for 2014? I think I have lived very “safely” in the past.  What does that mean? I have a full time job that I love the flexibility but I am not passionate about it and it certainly doesn’t fulfill me. It’s simply a job that I do. My coaching and Blogging are my passion. I love helping people, women in particular, and I think I need to break out of my comfort zone and find full time work that I love doing. It may mean putting more time and effort into my Blog or find a different job that has a meaningful purpose.  I need to stop being complacent and comfortable in the job I am doing and go out on a limb and try something new.  If not now, when?
  3. What are some good things from 2013 that I want to make sure I take into 2014? This year I made myself several promises that I have actually gone through with. I vowed that I would pay attention to my health this year by exercising more and eating better. I had gained 11 pounds in the past year and a half and I wanted to make sure I didn’t gain anymore. It’s always hard to lose weight, but in your 40’s, I noticed it seemed even harder! I hired a personal trainer and linked up with a nutritional coach. I am working out more and making better food choices now and I feel like I have more control over my health and wellness.  I want that to continue in 2014 so I can feel healthy and strong.
  4. What do I want to leave in 2013 and not take into 2014? We had some challenges in 2013 and when Jan 1st rolls around I want to start off the year with a new slate and not take the old baggage into the New Year with me. I want to leave the past where it belongs and not allow it to rule my future. 
  5. What lessons did I learn from this past year? I have learned that living in the past and playing the “victim’ doesn’t get you anywhere. We need to learn a lesson and move on. I tend to rehash the “wrongs” that I think have been done to me and this leaves me angry, resentful and unproductive. People make mistakes; they let you down and disappoint you at times. That’s just life and no one is perfect. I need to forgive them (or don’t) and then moved on so I can live my life unburdened.


With 2013 wrapping up I invite you to take a few minutes to answer these questions for you.  Learn from one year to the next and keep moving your life forward.

Happy Holidays to all of you. Please be safe and have a wonderful and safe New Year.

Question of the day: What were your accomplishments for 2013?

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