I swear I have a tape worm

Does everyone feel refreshed and ready to start a brand new year? I know I am!



So besides doing fitness coaching, Steve, also does nutritional coaching. I had totally misunderstood what he told me and I didn’t realize this was also a service he offers. Makes sense, though. So, as well as fitness coaching he is going to coach me in the nutrition area. As he said to me, if I am not going to monitor my eating then i can work out all I want and it won’t help me lose the weight I want.

I had to send him a few days of a food journal. Oh boy!


So, I am going to be honest and tell you this was way more intimidating than working out with him. We have all this food in the house from the holidays and lots of wine and beer that I have been eating uncontrollably. Seriously, do I have a tape worm? I was very honest in my food journal, though I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to fudge it (OK, lie).

I felt very vulnerable and kind of embarrassed. It’s like that dream you have where you are in a classroom in your underwear… Only this is real for me.


I wasn’t expecting the food part of this to be so emotionally hard for me. I really do try when I work out with him. If I can’t lift or do something I am really trying and I just can’t do it. With my food journal, it was simply gluttony. I’d walk past something and just eat it without caring. I know I shouldn’t and I didn’t even want it, but I ate it anyway.


It was really hard to send it to him and I felt like I was standing in my underwear. So, I may as well share with you all what I sent to him.



You too, can envision me in my undies. Here was my Food Journal for 3 days last week.

3 hard boiled eggs with butter and salt  (9:00)
coffee with coconut creamer -no fat
Beef Taco salad – no shell (1:00)
coffee with cream
Lots of cashews (5:00)
chicken and vegetables in coconut curry  (7:30)
no calorie Vitamin water
2 glasses of white wine (10:00)
Sunday – not a good day for me
Zone bar (9:00)
coffee with coconut creamer -no fat
some cashews (11:00)
Scrambled eggs and bacon (12:00)
no calorie vitamin water
Auntie Anne’s pretzel ( I know, I know) (1:15)
Blondie bar ( 5:30)
Stuffed shells (7:30)
no calorie vitamin water
2 Glasses of wine ( 9:00)
Peanut butter cookie with kiss (10:00)
Zone bar (9:00)
coffee with coconut creamer -no fat
chicken pot pie filling – no crust (11:30)
no calorie vitamin water 
Goat cheese w/ cranberry and cinnamon and crackers (2:30)
handful of peanuts (4:00)
chicken and veggies in coconut milk with curry (7:30)
brown rice
no calorie vitamin water
2 glasses of wine (9:00)

I haven’t done much better since then. We went out on New Year’s Eve and I got Fish & Chips. That’s twice in 2 weeks. I NEVER eat F&C but I feel like I am addicted to carbs and fat now.

I think I need a detox or a cleanse or something to help me kick this bad addiction I have seemed to have developed. My stomach is acting up and I feel sluggish. I am also not sleeping well at all! I think it is all food and alcohol related, I do!

I see Steve again on Saturday to workout. Maybe he’ll have some words of wisdom besides, stop being a pig. I need help, I really do!



Question of the day: is anyone else struggling to get off the junk food treadmill?


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2 Responses to I swear I have a tape worm

  1. Kent says:

    You know Karen, we talk about this sometime, that last cartoon says it all..!! Getting a little risqué with the pictures in the new year huh..!!

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