Arms and Leg Exercises- a combo workout

I could have kissed, Pam, on Saturday ( ok well, not really) but as were walking into the restaurant she said, “ Not to be weird but I think the toning exercises you are doing is working.” I was wearing yoga pants that were a little clingy and doesn’t hide much.  I told her I could feel it in my butt and she said, “yup, that’s what I meant.”


Oh yay! Well, that makes me want to keep doing them!


So on Sunday I combined 2 set of exercise that I had previously written about.



12 of each exercises – 3 times. NOTE: I added a 2.5 weight to each leg for added difficulty.



 Leg lifts on each leg


 Pulses on each leg- small move



Kickbacks on each leg



Cross leg lift on each leg



Hip bridges
Then I moved on to arms with the band. I kept the weights on my legs as I did these.
Chest press
Standing Over head Press
Standing over head tricep
Lateral Raises
Seated row
Bicep Curl
This was a great workout and I could feel it the next day. I made sure to be very careful with the band on my shoulders. I didn’t over due it and if I felt any pain, I stopped.
Thank you Pam, for telling me my butt was looking good. Here’s looking at you!
Question of the day: Do you do at home workout? If so, what do you do?
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7 Responses to Arms and Leg Exercises- a combo workout

  1. karenmregan says:

    Kent, I included the “risque” picture for you.

  2. Pam says:

    Oh phew! I thought that picture was for me! lol! No, seriously. You can def tell your exercising is paying off – keep up the good work!

  3. Kent says:

    Karen you are my hero…!! Also Keep up the hard work as you can hear it is paying off..

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