Made from Earth products for Rosacea

Well, hello!
I have been noticing for some time now that my face gets red at times with kind of a Rosacea like look. Last week when I looked in the mirror it looked particularly red and stayed that way for a week or so.
So, me being the Queen of Google, I looked up Rosacea and read what people did naturally to help it. I read a woman say that she found the company, Made from Earth, and they had a Rosehip and Hibiscus serum that worked like a charm for her husband’s Rosacea.
I e-mailed Made from Earth and explained that I think I have Rosacea and that I would love to try their product, I asked for a sample of the serum, and that I would Blog about the results. I got a response from their Customer Service within 2 days and said they would be happy to send me a bottle of the Rosehip and Hibiscus serum as well as some other popular sold items ( I did not ask for that). I thanked her profusely, gave her my address and waited anxiously for the products to come.
I did not have to wait long. About 5 days after I had originally e-mailed the company a box arrived with 7 of their products.
Here is what Adrianna sent me:
Rosehip and Hibiscus face Serum– Calms the skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory
Three Berry face Serum – The serum offers a potent concentration of Vitamin C using blueberry, raspberry and cranberry. Use on a daily basis for deep moisturizing effect.
Olive Night Creme–  Moisturizing night cream with organic olives and olive butter. Best use for mature and dry skin.
Holistic Honey Body Lotion– The natural hydrating and antioxidant properties of honey seal the moisture and have amazing holistic healing properties.
Citrus Lavender Soap –  Lavender has a calming effect to their citrus blend.
Grapefruit Glycolic Wash – The antioxidant content of grapefruit is used for treating skin allergies and irritated skin. Grapefruit when applied to the face can kill bacteria that can cause redness and acne ( Hello!).
Lavender Calm Body Lotion – Lavender flowers have been used as an aid for sleep and relaxation throughout history.
About Made from Earth:

About Us

We are a forward looking company that specializes in organic skin care products. Our goal is to enable people to make the right choices about the right skin care products.
We limit our line of products to just the best the organic market can offer in face treatments, body lotions, hair, bath and lip balms. It has been our honor to work with the best eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and recognized people in the health and beauty industry. Our company is based on the same healthy values from the day we started: excellent customer service for high quality and healthy ingredients. It is our objective to continue to grow by providing exciting new formulas and treatments to serve our healthy customers.
I am super excited to try their products. My initial contact with the company was met with excellent Customer Service (which is rare) and super speedy service.
I will use the serum and provide you with an update soon as to how it is working for me.
Want more information of Made from Earth? Visit their web-site.
Question of the day: Does anyone have Roseacea? What do you use?
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