Tuck your tail feathers, lift your glutes, squeeze your buttocks

 Happy Thursday:
Is everyone getting back into the swing of things after the holidays? I feel like I have a cold coming on (again) but hopefully I can fight it off. I don’t usually get sick this much in one year!
Tuck your tail feathers, lift your glutes, squeeze your buttocks… what?
These are all “Steve-isms” on what to do with my butt. Why is he talking about my butt?
I had my training session with Steve yesterday. We went though my usual routine of pull downs, bosu ball crunches, lunges… but one thing Steve noticed was I have trouble with my butt. I was doing push-ups on the bosu ball and he wanted my butt to do one thing and I just wasn’t catching on.   I am not a theory person, you have to show me. He used several things to try and keep my butt where he wanted it but eventually just used his hand to hold the small of my back down (which kept my butt down) as I lifted my upper body off the bosu ball. I still don’t know what I was doing wrong. Leading with my butt perhaps?
Oh, I get it! That’s way harder! WTH!? I could do like 4 of these.
Unfortunately for Steve he usually has to actually hold down the part of my body that he doesn’t want to move. I seem to have a hard time with this no matter if it’s my elbows, hips, shoulder or butt I can’t seem to keep them down.
Anyway, I had a really good session with him last night. He thought I worked harder than I ever have  and I have to agree I was pretty winded and felt like I worked hard. The funny part about that is I wasn’t feeling that great. I had a sore throat and kind of felt like the cold was coming on.
I signed on with Steve for 12 weeks of training and those sessions are coming to an end in February. That’s not that long so I really feel like I need to step it up. He weighed me last night to see how much, if any, I gained during the holidays and I only gained a pound. I ate like there was no tomorrow so I am surprised I gained so little.
He and I did speak about food and my food journal. He wants me to keep a daily journal of what I eat and drink and when and even what I am feeling at the time (if I want). He said the last few days I sent wasn’t too bad actually. My weeks are OK, it’s weekends that kill me, as we all know.
I had also been on a wine kick during the holidays. He noticed in my journal that wine was on the menu every night. He told me if I want to lose weight then I have to lose the wine, which I know. You all know I have trouble sleeping and the wine seems to help me fall asleep. I think it wakes me up in the middle or the night, though, because I kept waking up wide awake at 3 a.m and can’t get back to sleep. That’s counterproductive.
So, I am back to my Yogi Sleepy time tea and Melatonin. So far, so good with sleeping.
I am getting back on track eating now that I am back to work, the junk has all been eaten and it’s the New Year.
I have 2 new recipes that I am going to make this weekend. I will let you know how they turn out.
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