Funny thing happened….


Hey, all. It’s Thursday, but I have been thinking its Friday all day. I don’t know why, but we’re almost there and for some of us lucky ducks it’s a nice long weekend. Whoo Hoo.


A funny thing happened when I was working out with Steve last night. He was handing me heavy weights and he told me he wanted me to squat and quack like a duck (…kidding, I don’t know where that came from.) Anyway, he wanted me to squat with these heavy dumbbells and I said “I can do that.”


Whoa?? What?


What happened to the girl that not so long ago used to say things like” That’s too heavy, I can’t do that, you’re crazy, you’re trying to kill me”.


I said at least twice last night without even thinking about it “I can do that”.


I pointed that out to Steve and asked if he noticed and he said no.


Whomp, whomp..


Throw a girl a bone and just lie, Steve! I don’t mind being lied to when it makes me feel good. I don’t want the truth, I want to feel good.


Kidding aside, but when I prodded him on not noticing he said he expects that in his clients. Many of us start off saying we aren’t good at something or we can’t so something and after a few weeks we realize we can.  So he didn’t notice my change in attitude because he expected it.


It did take me by surprise though. I have to say I feel like I am getting better and stronger at doing these resistant exercises. I have always been the girl in Power class that had the 2 smallest donuts on her bar and had to put the bar down after so many reps because even the woosy ass little weights were too much for my Olive Oyl arms.  


Guess what happens when you feel good about yourself. Right, you work harder and try your best. My last few workouts with Steve have been good ones because I feel good about myself.


I am also giving him a food journal every few days of everything I am eating and drinking. I have been trying to incorporate more proteins, less simple carbs and limited alcohol.


He started my day off with a smile and a “you go girl attitude” with a reply to my food journal of “good job :)” 2 small words and a smiley face and it made me feel proud of myself and my hard work.


It is hard work for me because I am truly a junk food junkie, I swear. I don’t allow myself to eat too much crap but if the world was ending tomorrow I would stock up on Doritos, Funnions, Fritos, Cheetos, OMG, I love Cheetos… Cheese and crackers, pepperoni and pizza…. I can taste this all now.


It is not easy for me to stay on a healthy diet. How do I do it? Simply, I don’t buy the junk. If I have it in the house, I WILL eat it. I do not have self discipline and cannot just eat a few; I eat most of the bag.  My friend Wendy was shocked when we went away on vacation and I let my good eating habits go for the few days we were away. She said she couldn’t get over how much I snack and the bad foods I go for. When I let my hair down, I am Rapunzel!


But, with all of this hard work paying off, when I go out to eat tomorrow night with my friend, Kelly, instead of getting the hamburger and fries that I really, really want, I will get the BBQ shrimp and a side.


Now I feel I have worked too hard and come too far to blow it.


Go figure!


Thanks, Steve for 2 simple words at 7:00 a.m. to brighten my morning.


Question of the day: What would you eat if the world was ending tomorrow?

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