Mexican Bean Dip recipe inside- You have been warned!



Happy Sunday, unless you are a New England Patriots fan. We lost but it was a good run and they got further than most people expected them to this season.


I met friend, Kelly, for dinner Friday night but before I did I went to Marshalls and poked around. I found this off white leather jacket for $20.00 and couldn’t decide if it looked like Michael Jackson or not. I love the feminine dainty ruffle at the collar but I wasn’t sure if the asymmetrical zipper was too Michael –y. I tried it on with jeans and think it will look really cute with dark washed jeans and some boots. Hey, for $20.00 bucks how do you go wrong?


I met Kelly at The Outback Steakhouse and I had a grilled shrimp Cesar salad. There was very little dressing on it so I didn’t feel like I ate too much dressing which can be loaded with fat and calories.


On Saturday, we had our monthly dinner party. I had appetizers to bring and I made a mistake and brought something I love that is fattening. Big mistake, huge!


I made a Mexican Bean dip with chips. OMG, this was good.


2 ounces of cream cheese

Can/Jar of chili (I used a store bought one from Hannaford’s)

Salsa with beans and corn


Mexican shredded cheese


Take a 9×13 pan and spread the cream cheese all over the bottom of the glass dish. Take your chili and pour as much as you desire over the cream cheese. Take your salsa and layer that over the chili. I used the whole can of jalapeños to go over the salsa but add as many or as little as you like. Take your Mexican cheese and cover the whole pan with cheese.


Bake at 350 until the cheese melts and bubbles. Be warned.. You will not be able to stop eating this!


I ate a lot of it and then had some pork roast, salad and 2 wedges of sweet potato for dinner. I didn’t have dessert though so I kind of off set it with the dip.


We walked in the dog park this morning and thought with the snow we got it would make it less slippery. Wrong! All the snow did was cover the ice and made it treacherous. We used our Yak Tracks but we slipped and slid the whole way, the poor dogs too.


I did my arms and legs exercise combo tonight and added in 2 more exercise with the band but I kept my 2.5 pound leg weights on while doing them. Here is a video of the added last 2 moves.

 Molly was on the bed while I was doing these and this was her face. She couldn’t figure out what the heck I was doing!


I hope you all had a nice weekend and if you have tomorrow off, enjoy!


Question of the day: Do you think my new jacket looks like Michael Jackson? Keep or return it?

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