Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail!



Hi, Happy Monday: It’s almost Tuesday, everyone!


I sent my food journal to Steve for Thurs – Sat’s meals.  He was not impressed. I had a few dinner parties and met up with a friend and admittedly got a bit off track. So, when I sent it to Steve I said right in the subject line that I slipped a bit due to meeting up with friends.

 Here is what I sent him:

2 scrambled eggs
coffee with coconut cream
cofee with half and half
Mixed Fruit
2- 16 ounce glasses of water 
Salad with feta, celery, carrots, sesae seeds, bacon bits (not many), ham with light cesar dressing
small bag of oyster crackers
16 ounce glass of water
half of a Quesadilla
bunch of corn chips (too many)
Vitamin Water
Tea before bed
Zone bar
coffee with coconut cream
coffee with half and half
mixed fruit
spoonful of cottage cheese (ack)
Chili with a few corn chips
2 -16 ounce glass of water
Baked oatmeal/blueberry/banana cake
16 ounce glass of water
Grilled shrimp cesear salad- barely any dressing
bread with butter
wine – was out to dinner with a friend
Zone Bar
2 cups coffee 
Over easy eggs, bacon, home fries, english muffin
Chips and dip (too much)
pork, salad, sweet potato
wine ( was at a dinner party)


He had 3 words for me.


“Proper prior planning”


I can think of 3 words for him too, but I’ll let you fill in the blank! 



 Just kidding, I know he’s right.


Well, I did that Friday when I went out with Kelly but I went a little hog wild when I went to our dinner party Saturday night. Part of my problem was I made an appetizer that I LOVE and never eat that is super fattening and impossible for me to resist.



 I guess in retrospect I either shouldn’t have made something that I know I will eat until it’s gone (and there was a lot of it) OR thinking of Steve’s planning theory I could have put some for me in a small Tupperware container and just had that rationed out bit. When something I love is in front of me and I am left to serve myself a portion I eat it until it’s gone. I am kind of like a dog in that respect.


So fine, fine fine.. Steve is right and I didn’t plan how I was going to handle something that I know is hard for me. Steve is starting to feel like a second husband to me. He tells me where I am wrong, I tell him he’s right and I sulk.  Oy vey!


I told Steve that I am ok during the week but the weekends can really undo all my hard work during the week.  I know that is my weakness so I will have to work on how to deal with that.


Hey, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, right? At least I know my problem.


This coming Friday is going to require some planning. I am meeting someone for lunch at a restaurant and I am meeting a friend for dinner that night. I have a double whammy of eating out twice on Friday. I will have to look at the menu prior to going and find something not too unhealthy and then not even open the menu once I get there.


The good news is to counter my eating I went to Step Aerobics tonight. I hadn’t been in awhile just due to scheduling and it was good to get back. I am hoping for Spin tomorrow night but we’ll have to see about the weather, more snow is on the way.


Question of the day? What do you do when you know you will be in a situation where you could over indulge?

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2 Responses to Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail!

  1. Well now that I am pregnant, I have really been letting myself eat what I can stomach and crave. Hopefully 2nd trimester I can start getting back into my old habits.

    But Friday and Saturday nights are my biggest pig out nights! I always get a nice hard and heavy weights workout in the day of and after and indulgent night and some long restorative walking! I seriously cant wait to start feeling better so I can hit the weights again!!!! 🙂

    Oh and I drink water like a mofo. 🙂

    • karenmregan says:

         Erica, at least you have an excuse to eat what you want. I don’t have one! I do remember you saying though you get in a good workout on cheat days. Those are the days I don’t get in a good workout. Seems I take the weekends off for everything. Not good! i hope you’re feeling better!

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