Made From Earth product review

Oh boy, we’re getting more snow! I don’t mind because I can work from home, but for all of you who can’t, please drive carefully.
I mentioned to you that Made from Earth sent me a boxful of products. I was so excited and liked them so much that I was trying them all at once and confusing my skin. I decided to just use the Primrose and Hibiscus serum for one week and not use any other cream. I get a terrible redness to my skin and I wanted to know if this would help.
Here is what I found:
Grapefruit Glycolic Wash
I used the Grapefruit glycerin wash to clean my face first. I love this wash. It soaps up nicely and it has some beads in it to exfoliate. There aren’t a lot of the beads so it isn’t harsh on your face at all. I like the thickness of the wash and it smells super clean like citrus. Somehow I keep getting it in my eyes and it does sting but that’s not where I am suppose to use it so I am not complaining! I have not had any breakouts since I have been using the wash and I really like the gentleness on my sensitive skin.


Rosehip and Hibiscus Serum
This has kind of a funky smell. It doesn’t smell bad it just smells like a not very pretty smelling flower, like a geranium maybe. I used this serum twice a day for a week. My face had been very red at work and I wasn’t sure if I had rosacea or just irritated skin. Either way I think my skin has improved since using this serum. I noticed that my face wasn’t red at all when I worked from home, but it would be when I went into the office. After using the serum I think the redness reduced somewhat. I can definitely see a difference and it’s only been a week. My face has also been super soft too after using the wash and the serum.
Honey Body Lotion and the lavender Calm lotion
I tried both of these body lotions as the North is having a wicked cold spell and my skin is dry and itchy. I like the smell of both lotions and the cream is a nice thick cream that soaks into your skin. I hate when I put on lotion and a white layer of it stays on your skin and you have to rub and rub to get it to soak in. Both of these lotions go on smoothly and looking at my legs as I write this they are still smooth, not flaky and I can smell the lotion just a bit still after 9 hours! I prefer the honey smell as I don’t love the smell of lavender but I have to say the lavender is mild and didn’t bother me a bit. There are some too over powering and I won’t use them. Not so with Made from Earth.
Overall Thoughts:
All in all I love the products from Made from Earth. I still have some other creams to try but I wanted to give the Primrose & Hibiscus a good week so I could review that product. From what I have seen so far though I will like the other products as much as I did the ones I reviewed today.
I didn’t have to pay for the products as MFE was kind enough to send me them at their cost so I could review them. Looking at the prices they are a bit pricey and the serums are small bottles, but, if the products work I don’t mind spending the money.
Note:  Although Made From Earth sent me the products for free all opinions were my own.
 Question of the day? Which of MFE product would you like to try?


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