Ball Slammers

Ball Slammers!
The exercise is as fun to do as it is to say. Do you guys know what Ball Slammers are? You take a medicine ball ( I don’t know how heavy the one I used was) and you lift it over your head and slam it down on the ground as hard as you can. The ball comes back up a bit and you catch it and keep doing it.
Hence the name, Ball Slammers.
Steve had me do these in between all the exercises I did last night. Well, no first he had me walking on a treadmill and would come over every few minutes and change the speed and incline. My legs were already screaming from Spin the night before and Step Aerobics on Monday. When I complained he told me to “get over it”.
I actually find it kind of funny that he’ll say that to me from time to time. It’s truly what I need to hear and he shouldn’t give in to my whining. Although, my legs really were tired! I was on the stupid thing for 25 minutes and he was telling me about Human Efficiency vs variety as I was gasping for breath and trying to stay on the damn thing.
What is human efficiency vs variety? Ok, Steve, we’ll see if I “heard” you. Private joke, but I may Blog about it later.
Basically,if you do the same exercises time after time the body will recognize that and become more efficient. If you throw in variety and confuse the body it has to work harder. So, by him coming over and randomly changing my speed and incline I worked harder.
Steve had me do these exercises that he said suck and that I may feel like throwing up. He told me people had thrown up while doing them, which was very reassuring to hear. The exercise was basically a lunge with a small hop. I did not feel like vomiting because I could barely do the freakin things and I was laughing while doing them. They must have been effective though because I can feel it in my butt today.
Next came the ball slammers. He used a stop watch to time me doing these and they were challenging but I have to say it got out a lot of aggression and it’s kind of fun to throw something on the floor.
He also had me do sit-ups as fast as I could. The first round was really slow for me. I insisted that I was doing them as fast as I could but Steve didn’t believe me. We came back to sit-ups a few minutes later and low and behold I could do them faster. Not sure what happened on the first go around but the second was better.
We went through a couple of different exercises with the ball slammers in between. I was breathing heavy and sweating during the whole workout. Did I ever tell you I hate to sweat? It just feels and looks gross. I can’t even look in a mirror when I get home because I know I look horrible: not that Steve cares, but I do.
Anyway, it was a tough workout. Steve said it was one of the harder ones he has given me but I have to say I felt great afterward! I can honestly say I don’t know if I have ever felt that way before. I was tired during it but afterward I felt very invigorated.
I think it was the ball slammers.
Question of the day: Have you ever done a ball slammer? 
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