Out of Control

Good afternoon, everyone! Are you staying warm? 
Steve and I were talking the other night about what would help me make better food choices. It was a good question that he put back on me, which I like, but I really didn’t have answer. I just didn’t know what it would take.
On the phone with my friend, Pam, last night we were talking about me quitting smoking. I smoked from the time I was 16 or 17 until I was 26. I never could believe that I was a smoker. It just wasn’t “me” and yet I was. The reason I decided to quit was because I figured if not now, when? What am I waiting for? I quit the day I left for the Bahamas with my friend, Sara, who smoked. At the time, I also lived with a smoker. It would have been so easy to use those as excuses not to quit but I thought to myself, ” The whole world smokes. You’re just gonna have to deal because any where you go someone will be a smoker and what are you gonna do?”
Isn’t that the same philosophy as making wise food choices? What’s the difference? At any time there will be good and bad choices to make, whether it’s at home or eating out. Dan may buy chips for himself or Danny may have cookies but it’s my choice to say yes or no to them. Just like smoking….
Smoking may be a little easier because you either do or you don’t, but you have to eat. The thing is I know what’s good for me to eat and what isn’t. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that I should probably eat an orange or an apple before I reach for the bag of chips. Standing at the counter mindlessly eating chips isn’t going to get me the weight goals I am looking for.
As we were talking Steve asked me, and I am paraphrasing, if I had control issues? 

I wanted to say no


 I was going to say no


But I do have issues with control lately.


As I was sitting on the floor talking to him hugging a big medicine ball this kind of rolled around in my mind. Usually I process things later after I am home, but this caught my attention right there and I kind of repeated several times to Steve that I feel like I don’t have control at home lately.


For any of you that have 20ish year old kids that have come back to live with you after college or just moved back home, I’ll bet you know what I mean.


The “kids” don’t feel like kids and want to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. They don’t want rules and certainly don’t want to be treated like a kid. They are used to being on their own and you just happen to be living with them, like roommates.


But we aren’t roommates and this isn’t a frat house. I get up early, work all week and just want some down time at night. I don’t want cars coming and going at 9:15 at night and the dog barking. I am old now, I want to go to bed.


Not that I walk around without clothes on but I don’t want to have to worry about running into anyone in the bathroom while I am in a bathrobe and my hair is shooting out in a million different directions.


The kids always go down to Danny’s room and we barely seem them but I know someone is in the house and I have to be on my toes.


Whew, that’s pretty much what I unloaded on Steve the other night. He was right, though, as he often is. I have control over what I eat or don’t eat.  It doesn’t matter what I don’t have control over, I do have control over this. In speaking with him I realized that I need to stop focusing on what I don’t have control over and put my attention on what I do and that is eating and working out.


Sometimes, I think Steve is my therapist as much as he is a trainer, which I am sure is normal, right?


So, this weekend as I was out to dinner quite a bit, I thought about what he said and I did (mostly) make better choices and felt good about it. I also practiced a few moves that I was struggling with last week. I could barely do the push-ups he was asking me to do and my butt kept staying up and he pushed it down with a foam roller. As I was practicing these I totally got what he was telling me to do. I did about 35 push-ups properly, with breaks, but I did them.


Question of the day? What do you have control over that you want to focus on?

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2 Responses to Out of Control

  1. At least you can do 35 push-ups. I can not even do 1.

  2. karenmregan says:

    I had to practice them to do it, Maria.

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