Whoa, what a Monday night class!


My gym switched its Step class to something now called Blast. It is similar to step but there is a lot more Cross fit stuff in the routines. There was a lot of hopping in this routine, which I don’t love, but it was a good workout.


Here are some new moves we had to do:


Burpees with push-ups and a jump


Hopping over the bench and holding it


Burpees with leg lifts



The moves were quicker than in Step and a lot more squatting down.


Here is a clip of the trailer for the Jan’14 release.



I was red faced by the time I left and I was seriously soaked down to my underwear with sweat. I haven’t had a good work out like that at the gym in awhile. Steve kept telling me to change up my workouts and I guess this one is, for sure.


I have been feeling really good about eating choices since I kind of had that epiphany from talking with Steve. I am definitely planning ahead and making better choices.


I learned from Saturday that I need to learn what to do when there is a spread of food in front of me:  I am definitely having trouble with that still and I need to work on that. I don’t eat that way very often so that is a plus, but when I do have a ton of food in front of me I need to find a way not to over indulge.


However, I have been making better choices out to dinner and even at home.


Here is my food journal that I am going to send him for the past few days.



Zone bar

Coffee with coconut cream


1/3 of a ham & onion omelet. 3 pieces of toast

Coffee with cream


So I blew it here but at least I learned I need to work on how to handle food when it’s like a buffet style.



Chicken wings




1 hard boiled egg

3 cups coffee with cream


Egg sandwich w/ cheese & bacon



Beef and broccoli no carbs

Vitamin water


Tea before bed



Zone bar

Coffee with coconut cream

Coffee with cream


Left over Marsala chicken breast

1/3 of a small container of cottage cheese with raspberries (ugh)



Individual Bag of pistachios



Grilled shrimp



tea before bed




I know I blew Saturday night so on Sunday I got fruit with my egg sandwich instead of home fries. I also didn’t snack at all and just ate 3 meals.


I think I lost some inches from November but I’ll have to dig out my numbers and see for sure. I am not sure the number on the scale moved, but I don’t really care. My intent was to tone and lose inches.


That will keep me motivated, for sure. 


Question of the day: What helps keep you motivated?

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2 Responses to Blast!

  1. Kent says:

    I meant to tell you yesterday that they had re-done Step to Blast.. To be honest from what you said the past few weeks i thought you might not like it, but I am glad you did.. By the way Core had that same Burpee move…

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