5 Things you DON’T need to be happy


Happy Hump Day:

I had written an article a few months back on 5 tips to be happier. Today I wrote an article on 5 things you don’t need to be happy.


  1.      Money

“Happiness is not the amount of money you have but the people in your life that help you to create wonderful memories ”  Anonymous

Many people believe that if could just hit the lottery you would be happy.  The reality is happiness comes from within you. Money might give you some freedom as far as choices in life but it won’t make you happy from an internal place.  Houses, clothes, cars and boats don’t make you happy; experiences do.  Trust me, I have known many unhappy wealthy people and I have known many struggling happy people. It’s your attitude, not what is in your bank account that makes you happy.

 2.       Things to be “perfect”

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”  Anonymous

Life is a constant journey that we are meant to learn from. Often times the best lessons we learn about life is from our mistakes not our successes. You are meant to be where you are right now and whatever comes your way is meant to give you strength and to teach you a valuable lesson.  Plus, perfect puts way too much pressure on us. It’s more fun and easier to accept being imperfect and go along for the ride.

3.       Closure

“Some situations just have to end without closure”  Trent Shelton

So many times I hear from people ” I can’t move on until I have closure”.  The fact of the matter is you may NEVER get the closure you want. You can’t make someone explain something to you that they don’t want to. More often than not, even if you get that explanation it doesn’t make sense to you anyway so there is still no closure for you.  Life is full of mysteries and we often don’t know why things happen. We have to have faith and trust that there was a reason, try to learn something from it and move on stronger.

4.       Rely on other people for happiness

“One thing I’ve learned is you can’t rely on others for happiness. If you want to be truly happy, it has to come from your own doing.” Anonymous

It’s great to have people tell you kind and encouraging words but until you believe them yourself it doesn’t matter. Think about it, people can tell you you’re beautiful or a genius until the cows comes home but unless you believe it, you’ll never buy it. Positive reinforcement from others is the icing on the cake.  Happiness needs to come from an internal place, not external.

5.       Control

“”The control center of your life is your attitude ” Anonymous”

Truly the only thing we really have control over is how we react to things. The quicker you learn to try and let go of control of the outcome and accept what is, the more power you will have. When we learn to embrace what is and not fight it, we are happier.  Personally, it has been a hard lesson for me and one I am working on.

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