30 Life Enhancing things you can do in just 15 minutes

Hey Everyone. I am always preaching about taking 15 minutes for yourself everyday. Here are 30 fun ideas (some sent by you). Try one this weekend that you don’t usually do.
1. Call a friend who is positive and uplifting
2. Play with your pet
3. Read a magazine article
4. Take a walk
5. Write an e-mail to an old friend and reconnect
6. Watch a music video that you enjoy (Adam Lambert’s, Marry the Night, makes me happy every time) 
7. Take a fun quiz on-line
8. Look up your Horoscope
9.  Sit quietly and just “be”.
10. Stretch your body for 15 minutes
11. Watch 15 minutes of foolish TV ( Kardashian’s or Duck Dynasty- you only need 15 minutes)
12. Put on your favorite song and sing to it like you are a rock star
13. Browse on Pinterest
14. Paint your nails
15. Write in a journal
16. Listen to a guided relaxation
17. Color or doodle
18. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
19. Start thinking about a trip or quick get away
20. Foot Soak
21. Experiment with new make-up or hairstyle
22. Start a bucket list
23. Look through old pictures and reminise
24. Sit back and just close your eyes and relax.
25. Cut inspirational pictures or words out of old magazines
26. Knit/sew/hook a rug
27. Read through old Christmas or Birthday cards 
28. Meditate
29. Enjoy a snack
30. Sit by the fireplace and watch the flames.
Question of the Day: What would you add to the list?
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3 Responses to 30 Life Enhancing things you can do in just 15 minutes

  1. Kent says:

    Interesting I usually give people 15 minutes and keep the rest for myself.. I am good at #9, but usually end up talking to ‘Bobo’, you are the only one who will get this.. Hmm Adam Lambert not sure I have heard you mention him before..!! Just kidding Karen, those were really good I actually do a number of those to be honest..

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