Size matters



Hi Everyone: Hope you all had a nice weekend. It was a little warmer here in the East and it felt like Spring.


On Friday night I met my friend, Dayna, and went to a Yoga class. It was a tough class this time, lots of planks and holding yourself up with your arms.


I have to say I felt really good in this class. My shoulders and arms felt stronger and I didn’t seem to struggle as much going from a plank to slowly lowering myself down to the ground.


I was sweating like crazy but I felt really good at the end of the class. I know my strength training is helping me. I got weighed last Wednesday and the scale didn’t go down, but, when I got home I tried on some pants that used to be tight and they were looser. So, I may not be losing weight but I do think I am losing inches. That was my main goal for strength training and working out with weights.


I went out with my Aunt this weekend and she said she definitely thought I looked like I was getting firmer. Trust me; she wouldn’t say that unless she thought that was true. So, I am happy that I feel like things are paying off.


She and I went out to lunch and I got chicken fajitas. I only ate one shell, had no cheese and ate a small cup of rice and had a little cornbread. I ate that at 4:30 so I didn’t have any dinner that night and I just had a Zone Bar and a cup of chicken noodle soup for lunch.


Now that I am seeing progress I am making better food choices. I am trying to think about the day as a whole and make wise decisions. Not even necessarily limiting myself but if I eat something more fattening now I know I need to watch what I eat (and drink) later.


I am learning about balance and how to manage it.


I do have a wrap party that I am going to this Friday that I can’t wait to tell you all about next week. You have an herbal wrap put on the part of the body you want to shrink for 45 minutes and you’re supposed to lose inches. I understand it’s only temporary but I can’t wait to try this and see what happens.


I know that diet and exercise are the only ways to keep in shape and stay healthy.


I am off to do some home exercises now. I walked 5 miles in the dog park today and now I am going to go lift some weights, do some squats and leg lifts.

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4 Responses to Size matters

  1. ericamacarthur says:

    Dying to know how the wrap goes. I’ve seen women get them on tv and always wondered if it works.

  2. Kent says:

    Good for you Karen, you are getting stronger.. Maybe we can arm wrestle Tuesday..??

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