2 word swear



In my training sessions with Steve I use the phrase “I’ll try” quite a bit.  He asks me to do a move and my automatic response is “I’ll try.” I don’t think about it and I really don’t realize I am saying it.


Whenever I say it it drives Steve nuts.  I think I am being positive by implying “I’ll do my best” but he looks at trying as a failure. You either do or you don’t.



What’s wrong with me trying? Isn’t that a good thing?


I am not sure I am convinced that it either is or it isn’t.  Everything isn’t black and white.


According to many people, they agree with Steve. 


The words “I’ll try” builds failure into our intention rather than success. By trying rather than doing you already have self -doubts and that mindset can and probably will hold you back.  It’s like a get out of jail free card. Oh, well, I TRIED!


I am going to try and work out at home with weights this week

I am going to try and work on my web-site

I am going to try and reach out to magazine editors

I am going to try and write a new article this week


The lack of commitment gives me an out if I don’t do it. I didn’t say I will do it, I said I’d try. But really, half the time do you even try or do you just blow it off?  I know my answer.


I read a great article about a motivational speaker demonstrating trying vs. doing. This is from www.takeupyourbedand walk.com


A motivational speaker once dropped a coin on the floor of the stage and called a member of the audience up.  “Now,” she said, “try to pick up that coin.”  The gentleman from the audience bent down and picked it up.


“No, no, no,” she responded.  “You picked it up.  I didn’t say ‘pick it up.’  I said TRY to pick it up.”  As the man stood there, bent halfway over, “trying” to reach the coin, the audience began to chuckle.  “Ok, stand up,” the speaker said.  “Do you realize how silly you looked TRYING to pick up that coin?”  Fortunately, she was good-natured, and so was the gentleman, and he laughed.  She sent him back to his seat, telling the audience, “That’s what happens when you TRY.  Trying is the same as not doing it.  Either do it or don’t.  But don’t say that you’ll TRY to do something.”


When I spoke with Gail, the psychic, back in December she told me to stop “trying” and act like I am already doing  whatever it is I want to achieve.  She said if I keep “trying” it isn’t going to happen, I will always be trying. My success, and she said it is attainable, is being held back by my trying and not simply doing.


So, while I get the concept of don’t try, do, I asked Steve a few weeks back… What if you do your absolute best and you just can’t? Is that failing? I have a hard time with that. Sometime I do my best at a move and I just can’t do it.


Thinking about it now, though, I guess trying your best is doing and not trying.


So, I promise I will try not to say try anymore and see what happens. LOL


Question of the day: What do you think of trying vs doing?

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2 Responses to 2 word swear

  1. Kent says:

    Hmmm.. Semantics, always an interesting wrestling match..!!

  2. Steve Your Trainer says:

    Karen – this is my favorite blogpost thus far 🙂

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