Thank you for your service


Hi Everyone: Hope you all had a good weekend.


I had a really busy weekend this weekend and I am going to tell you all about the wrap party but I want to wait until tomorrow because you can still get results 3 days later and I want to give you the full experience.


I wanted to share something that I read about a lot about have never experienced in person. Dan and I were having lunch at Tiny’s in Ayer today. There was a table full of military men and a woman having lunch sitting near us.


I was facing them and heard the waitress tell them that someone anonymously had bought their lunch for them as a thank you for their service. Their faces lit up with smiles and they said “That’s so nice, can you tell us who it was so we can thank them.”  The waitress hesitantly pointed to a man sitting alone at the counter and said, “You can thank him”.



The servicemen approached the man and said, “thank you so much” and shook his hand. This gentleman thanked each and every one of them and said, “Thank you for your service”.  You could tell he didn’t want the accolades and the waitress apologized to him if he hadn’t wanted them to know who had done it.


There were 2 women sitting near him and one of them called over to him and said, “That was so nice of you.” He looked back at her and said, “For what?” with a very straight face. The woman said, “For what you just did, buying their lunch” and he simply replied, “It’s the least I can do.”  This man gathered up coat and quietly left the restaurant.


I have read stories where people do this but to see it in person was so heart warming to watch. The man did not want anything from this but to acknowledge and thank the service men and women for protecting and serving our country. He was almost embarrassed to be thanked for doing something like that.


There were two things that I loved about this story:


I loved the look on the military folk’s faces when they realized what someone had done for them. It was full of smiles and gratitude. They were genuinely touched that someone did this for them.


I also loved that the man who bought their lunch wanted to do so without any attention to him. You could tell he would have gladly let them walk out without having any clue who made this kind gesture.


It really made my day to see this unfold in front of me and it makes me realize that just a small gesture can make someone feel special. It doesn’t have to be buying  lunch for a table of people but even simply a smile or a genuine asking of “ how are you?” and meaning it.


So, to whoever that man was at Tiny’s today who bought and thanked each service man and woman for their service I say  “ I think you’re awesome for doing that and thank you for reminding me to be kind to people.” 

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One Response to Thank you for your service

  1. Kent says:

    Good story Karen.. Thank YOU for writing it..!!

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