Body Wrap Update


Hey Everyone:


I wanted to share my experience at the wrap party on Friday night.


Kent, myself and Tammy got to Christy’s at about 6:00. Lori, the consultant showed up a little while later and one by one we all got wrapped; I was the first to go. Lori took a before picture of the stomach head on and a side shot.

 Warning: Stomach shot coming up:





The wrap is covered in a lotion and it is cool and smells like menthol. As you are sitting wearing it it gets cooler. I was a little chilled sitting there, but the wrap itself is comfortable. Lori used saran wrap to hold it on but it wasn’t tight at all as you were sitting. She said she wraps herself and goes to bed!


Funnily enough, we all chose to wrap our bellies.


You can wrap:







Lori said she has basically wrapped most body parts.


I drank a ton of water that day as was instructed and after we all got wrapped we sat around chatting for an hour drinking even more water. Lori explained the background of the man who discovered these wraps (he was trying to rid the body of cancer and discovered it made people’s skin firmer.) The company also has other products like greens that you drink and chews. Lori gave a little of both to try and they weren’t bad at all.


After our hour was up I was the first to get unwrapped as I had been the first to get wrapped. Lori took an after picture and I have to say, I didn’t see much of a difference. She told me it could take up to 3 days to lose inches so to keep drinking a lot of water and take another picture tomorrow. She warned me if I didn’t keep drinking water I could wind up with a head ache tomorrow.


Kent thought he looked a little smaller and I had to agree I saw a bit of a difference in his pictures. The big winner was Tammy. Her before and after pictures were very noticeable. Tammy is roughly the same size as I am but I could definitely see a difference in her pictures.


I went home and drank a bunch more water. I did wake up with a head ache the next day but I often do so I can’t say I can blame it on the wrap.


I drank more water in the morning before I worked out with Steve and then drank more later that day. Dan wasn’t home for him to take another picture so I had him take them on Sunday.


Now he isn’t the best with a camera and I could tell he thought this was weird and didn’t want to do it. He took 2 quick pictures but not at the best angle and it wasn’t a fair comparison.


I sent them to Lori and said I couldn’t tell if there was a difference. She put them side by side and said she thinks she could see a slight difference.

As my friend, Pam, said maybe I just didn’t have a lot of toxins to get rid of. Fat, yes, toxins maybe not.


Anyway, it was really fun and I had a good time with Christy, Kent, Tammy and Lori.

Be on the look-out in the next few weeks on my interview with Lori. She is a breast cancer survivor and I am going to interview her on her cancer experience. She told me it was the best thing that ever happened to her. 

She is an incredible lady with an incredible story to tell about surviving.



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4 Responses to Body Wrap Update

  1. Kent says:

    I’ll be honest, your stomach looks a lot better than mine.. Mine should be outlawed..!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    It wasn’t pretty but it is what it is….

  3. Christy says:

    You have a nice stomach !! Im jealous !!

  4. karenmregan says:

    Thanks, Christy: I couldn’t bear to put the side ones up! I was going to and just couldn’t do it.

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