Making your neck sweat



Hi Everyone: Hope you all had a nice weekend!


We had a long weekend due to President’s Day, which meant we ate out a lot this weekend. Weekends are the hardest for me because we eat out lunch both days and sometimes dinner. It’s usually just a diner type place that doesn’t have the healthiest choices so I struggle with this greatly.


We knew were going out to dinner on Sunday night and I wasn’t about to deprive myself. Thinking of what Steve has said I did try and plan ahead both working out and eating the rest of the day.


I actually was really in the mood to work out on Sunday.  Never happened to me before, but I had some energy to burn off. I was wishing it was Wednesday so I could work out with Steve but it was only Sunday. Sometimes I wish I saw Steve twice a week instead of once but, that’s the way it is.  


This is what I want to look like

Sunday morning I walked 2 miles in the snow with the dogs. It was a good workout and we could all feel it in our legs when we were done. I didn’t go on the afternoon walk but instead I did a lot of abs and arm work at home. I spent about 45 minutes rotating between ab exercise and arms. I get a lot of leg and butt work so I wasn’t too concerned with those exercise. I could feel it when I was done, boy.


Dan and I went out to an Italian restaurant and I got Haddock Frances, which is haddock drenched in butter with lemon over pasta. Not too fattening, huh? They give you garlic bread to start and a salad too.  I tried not to eat too much bread and I cut the meal in half and brought some home but still it was fattening. I also had some wine that night, which I have been trying to cut down on.


Knowing I had a lot of calories yesterday, tonight in Blast I really upped my intensity in my workout. I didn’t do any of the modified moves and pushed myself through the routine. Surprisingly, I felt really good in class tonight, but I did get a good workout. My face was red and even my neck was sweating, which it never does.  It felt good to push and I feel like I am getting stronger. Steve would have been proud.


So, my weekend eats weren’t all that great but they could have been so much worse too. I thought about what I was going to eat to compensate for the “cheating” meal and I made sure I got in some good workouts. The planning of meals and the exercise helped me make better choices but also didn’t leave me feeling badly about the meal I had Sunday night. I am not beating myself up for it.


Steve measured me last week and I lost some inches since I started with him in November. I’ll tell you later this week where I was and where I am now. This definitely gives me incentive to keep making better choices both in nutrition and exercise. I am going to slip at times, but that’s ok, I will get back on the horse the next meal.


Question of the day: Do you plan “cheat” meals?

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2 Responses to Making your neck sweat

  1. Kent says:

    Smart move cutting your meal in half.. I do that a lot…

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