My experiment with Oregano tea


Hi Everyone:


I am bummed because we are getting another storm and Spin class has been cancelled. Christy, our instructor, decided to call off class due to the severity of the roads. Much as I love class I am glad she did. I hate to miss class and would have been tempted to go but it’s coming down and it isn’t stopping. No one really should be on the roads. Be practical, people, and be safe. Stay home!!


My co-worker has been telling me that her daughter swears by Oregano tea to help her sleep. I did some research on this and supposedly it does help. Since I have so much trouble sleeping I decided to try it last night.


I bought fresh Oregano and threw some in a small saucepan with water. I read to boil it for 10 minutes until it turns a dark brown. It stunk horribly as it was cooking.


The taste was just awful so I added some Maple Syrup to sweeten it. I didn’t have any honey so I figured that would do. It tasted sweet and horrible now but I drank it down. I had this at about 8:45 with 10:00 – 10:15 being my bedtime.


At 10:20 I was wide awake staring at the clock.  I finally fell asleep but woke back up at 12:30, which is a very unusual time for me to awaken. I fell back asleep rather quickly but I was awake again at 2:30. I lay there for awhile petting Molly and I was thinking I was up for the day, but I did go back to sleep… Until 4:00.  I lay awake for a few minutes and then fell asleep until my alarm went off at 5:15.


As you can see, I don’t think the Oregano tea did a thing for me. If anything I seemed to be awake more than usual. I usually drink Yogi Bedtime tea and take 3 melatonins before bed. This usually does the trick for me. When I told my co-worker about my experience she said her daughter has tried melatonin and it doesn’t work for her at all!


I guess to each his own….


Question of the day: What helps you sleep?

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3 Responses to My experiment with Oregano tea

  1. ericamacarthur says:

    I tried the yogi tea didn’t do much.

    But I also tried magnesium pills which are basically what melatonins comes from? Anyways, people swear magnesium helps them sleep, when I took it I felt like it was keeping me up! Then I read the other day some kinds can keep u up that I need to try a different one.

    Why can’t we just get some peaceful sleep?!?! I’m so jealous of these people that sleep like kittens!

  2. karenmregan says:

    Erica: There are nights that I have had the tea, melatonin and magnesium! I also heard it helps you sleep. I don’t know…

  3. Kent says:

    The firs part was good about the common sense traveling in bad weather… One day you will find the secret to good sleep…

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