Girl’s Weekend Away!

Hello, hello:
How was everybody’s Monday?  Mine was good because it’s over and it’s almost Tuesday, Spin day. This week won’t be the same because Kent won’t be there but we will survive a week without him.
My friend, Sue and I are planning a girls weekend away soon. We are thinking either the end of March or sometime in April. Her husband just had surgery and she has been working and caring for him and could really use a break. Me, I have no real good excuse except that I love my girlfriend time. I am surrounded by all males and really feel the need for some female bonding.
So, where are we going to go is the question?
We want to go somewhere not too far, so somewhere in New England. Neither one of us really cares where we go but I do want to go somewhere that has something for us to do. March and April aren’t the best months because a lot of places are closed and not much is going on.
Pretty much mud season up North and not beach weather down South.
Here are some places we thought about.
1. Ogunquit –  Nothing to do but beaches so we ruled that out
2. Mystic – There is the Aquarium but that won’t take us long to go through. Dan and I were there last year at this time and it was cold and windy on the water. Nah…
3. Newport- Sue and I went there 2 years ago for the holidays. It was nice but many stores are closed now. Nope…
4. Cape Cod – There is zero to do at this time of the year. Could sit by the indoor pool, but no thanks
So what was the winner?
The Golden Stage Inn in Proctorsville, Vt.  
Dan’s good friends, Mike and Julie Wood own the Inn and it is beautiful. It is right near the Vermont Country Store ( 2 of them), antique stores, Woodstock, Vt , Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts  if we want to take a class…. There is a lot to do in this area and Julie can advise us on activities.
Doesn’t that room look so inviting?
Now, I just have to e-mail and ask for availability.  I am really excited to go away for a few days.
I’ll bet Dan is excited too !!
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4 Responses to Girl’s Weekend Away!

  1. Kent says:

    Karen sounds like you gals are going to have an awesome time and give Dan some quiet time…

  2. karenmregan says:

    I think he’s going away with Danny in March. I had given him a ski weekend up North for X-mas last year and they need to use it. So, we both get time!

  3. Sue says:

    Steve will be happy for a few days without me!

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