workout or nails?


Spin class Tuesday everyone!


Class was not the same because Kent wasn’t there for me to follow his form so I had to figure it out on my own. I sat in his bike instead of mine to maybe get some inspiration! Not sure if it worked but it was a great workout tonight.


Christy played “Ride like the Wind” which everyone loved. Kent hates this song so she tends not to play it but everyone was singing to it so I think she needs to add it to her list.


She also played a really good song something about being sexy. It had a great beat and the song was fun. Loved it.


Tonight was a great workout and I loved the playlist Christy played.


My back was killing me today for the first time in months. Not sure if it is because I have switched the order of my workouts and I am doing too much in too few days…  Could just be coincidence but I wrote to Steve and he told me to user my foam roller. I did while watching my favorite man on TV (Adam Lambert) and I have to say it killed. My hips are so tight….  See how tomorrow goes.


My workouts with Steve got moved to Saturdays for now so I am feeling a little lost about what to do tomorrow.  I could do an at home workout with weights but then I have Yoga on Friday and Steve on Saturday.


I am all discombobulated. Maybe I’ll just get my nails done tomorrow night….


Trying a new experiment tomorrow. I want to naturally plump my lips. I found a recipe that includes cinnamon leaf oil and vitamin e oil. I am going to try this tomorrow while I am working from home.


If you see me and I have Angelina Jolie lips you won’t have to ask what happened.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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2 Responses to workout or nails?

  1. Christy says:

    Hi !! Where did you purchase your foam roller from?? I really need to get one. My hips are very tight all the time I should be doing this as well !! I love the protectent spray it works awesome and smells good too !!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    So glad you like the spray. I love their products! I just got my roller at Walmart for $15.00. I have to say it kills to use the roller but it does work.

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