Working out when you don’t want to



Hey Everyone: it’s Thursday!



Last night I did an at home workout with my bands and dumb bells. I have to be honest and tell you that I whole heartedly did not want to do it. I was going to blow it off but I have progressed so far in losing inches and gaining muscle that I did do it.


But it wasn’t easy to motivate myself to do it. I am not a self motivated person when it comes to exercise, which is why I hired Steve.


Here are 5 tips that will help you to get motivated to work out at home when you don’t feel like it.


  1. Focus on what you do want. Although I have more work to do I have lost inches all around and I have lost fat and gained muscle. Although I didn’t want to work out I do want to keep up my good work and not blow it all. So, although it would be easy to think, “I don’t want to workout out” instead I thought, “I do want the results”.


  1. Chunk it down – I told myself that I would workout for just 20 minutes and if I didn’t feel like doing anymore I would quit. Well, after 20 minutes was up I was kind of into at that point and said to myself, “ok, 20 more minutes”.  By me breaking it up in smaller time frames that really helped me stay motivated. Before I knew it I had been working out for 40 minutes.


  1. Take Breaks – Weight and strength training bore me to death, especially at home alone. Sometimes I’ll do a set of 15 reps and then check Face book for 5 minutes. Then I’ll go and do 2 more sets of something else and reply to an e-mail. Then I’ll go back and do 3 more sets and do something else quick. Breaking up my routine really helps me. I am more focused when I get back to it and I feel like I have something to look forward to.


  1. Guilty Pleasure -As I was working out last night I found The Long Island Medium on TV. I love that show so while I was working hard I was also enjoying watching the show. I probably would not have sat down to watch it otherwise but I had fun watching it while I worked out. It was a Win/Win all around!  Tape a show that you enjoy and watch it while you do your workout.


5. Get Energy – Years ago I used to tell Dan that I was too tired after work to work out. He insisted that if I got some exercise then I would get more energy. You know, he was right! I might get started off sluggish and slow but as the workout moved along I did gain energy. The truth of the matter was if I had just sat on the couch like I wanted to I never would have gotten more energy and would have been more tired.  If I have something I need to accomplish I am better off working out first so I’ll be energized to dive into whatever task it is I have to do.


Question of the day: How do you get motivated if you just aren’t feeling it?

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One Response to Working out when you don’t want to

  1. Kent says:

    Ha ha.. We are alike in that respect, I love going to Ride with the group, but do not totally enjoy going to lift.. So like that one Nike, I think, commercial ‘Just Do It’..!!

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