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Dog Sledding

Hi Guys   Happy Sunday: I just got back from my girl’s weekend away in Vermont with my friend, Sue. We had a great time, despite not so great weather, but that was ok, we made the best of it. … Continue reading

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Girls’ weekend Prep

Hi Everyone: Who hoo it’s my Friday and I am going away to Vermont tomorrow for a girl’s weekend away. I just got back from stocking up on all of the essential: Snacks: Kind Granola ( honey & oat) Light … Continue reading

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Live today like it’s your last day on Earth

Hey Everyone:   Hump Day Wednesday.   Yesterday I found out that someone Dan and I used to work with many years ago passed away on Monday. I didn’t know her well but the news made me sad. She helped me … Continue reading

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Having a 4 year old sleep with you!

      Hi Guys!   Tuesday already! The week is cruising right along.   I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that Dan and I have a 4 year old girl? Her name is Molly.   Yup, she has been … Continue reading

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6 things to give up your gut

    Happy, happy Monday! I read an article today from Men’s Fitness about 6 ways to lose your gut. Since that is always my trouble spot and always has been I was inclined to read it.   Here is … Continue reading

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Warming up before working out

Hi Guys, It’s Sunday again?  Already? I have a short week this week as I am going to Vermont with my friend, Sue on Friday for the weekend. Can’t wait! I saw Steve on Saturday and I told him I … Continue reading

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Setting Personal Boundaries

  Hey Everyone:   Happy spring! I know you might not know it here in New England but it’s the first day of spring.   Last night I gave a talk to my friend Carol’s IAAP group on setting boundaries … Continue reading

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