The Gift

Hey everyone, it is almost Friday. We have almost made it.


So, I wrote a whole Blog about 5 ways to find your passion and when I went to open it there were only 3! I guess I didn’t save the last 2 so I’ll have to do them again… but not tonight.


 I am giving a speech in a few weeks for my friend, Carol’s Admin Assistant group. I have spoken there twice before and they are letting me pick the topic.


So many people ask me about finding their life purpose and passion that I decided to base the speech around that.  Even if you have a full time job that you aren’t going to leave you can still have a purpose or passion outside of that. Often times people don’t know  what that is.



Let’s make believe for a second that we are going on a journey.


 At the top of a beautiful mountain there is a very wise guru that has the answer for each one of us of what our life purpose is.


We climb the mountain and find a temple at the top and ring a bell. An old, very kind looking man comes out and hands us a gift. He tells you the gift he just gave you symbolizes your life’s purpose.


What gift did you get and what does it represent?



I did this exercise many years ago and my gift was a mirror. I believe that we all need to take a good look at ourselves and understand what makes us tick. Too often people are afraid to look at themselves because they don’t like what they see. In order to grow and learn as a person you must look at your self and be honest. It’s ok if you aren’t perfect or you have things to work on, who doesn’t?  But if you don’t even see areas of growth you will keep being the same person.


I just had a conversation today with a guy at work about this. We were talking about communication and how it is lacking in the world. I told him my exercise and what my gift was. I then asked him how people can communicate with anyone else if they don’t even understand who they are.


You need to know yourself inside and out and be willing to look at the good, bad and the ugly. It’s ok to discover something you don’t like. It’s even ok to discover something you do like.  I probably have more of a problem in that area than seeing things about myself I don’t like.


How does this help me discover my life purpose?


Knowing that I love to discover things about myself I also love to help others do this as well. In doing this exercise it makes sense to me why I got into life coaching. I love to teach, write and speak about this topic.


I gave this workshop many years ago and some gifts that people said they got were:


  • A clock –  To give time to other people
  • Piggy Bank – To be careful with your money/ teach younger people how to manage money (think Suze Orman)
  • Boxes within Boxes-  To think outside of the box and live “bigger”
  • A ring – to see how life is all intertwined and always flowing



Question of the day: What would your gift be and what does it represent?

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