Why I don’t cook

It’s hump day! I have a half day Friday so my week is almost over.
So, people often wonder if Dan cooks because I can’t. I find when I do make something people whisper ” Karen made this?”
The truth is I can cook. I often make something on Sundays for me to bring for lunches during the week. The problem is I get grossed out so easily by things. I like that Dan cooks so I don’t have to look at raw meat as that can really gross me out.
I am really getting turned off by chicken in particular. I made a Chicken Chile Stew this week and I knew before I even cooked the chicken that chances were I was not going to eat this because the chicken was full of cartilage. UGH. I cut it off before I cooked the chicken but i was totally done with it by then. I didn’t want it anymore.
I brought it for lunch on Tuesday and I couldn’t bring myself to eat it so I went to the cafeteria and got soup and salad. I was home Wednesday and heated up some of it up. I carefully picked through the chicken, had a few bites and threw it out and ate a Greek Yogurt instead.
I am not a huge meat lover as it is. I will eat a little and then I am done. If I see the meat raw before eating chances are I may eat a bite or two and then I don’t want it. Seriously I could eat pasta every night but I try to limit the carbs I eat and eat more protein. Protein means meat or fish. We do eat quite a bit of fish and shellfish but if I think of the legs on the shrimp for too long I will gag.
Wonderful, I have leftover shrimp for lunch tomorrow. Let’s not talk about this too much today!
I am thrilled that Dan loves to cook. He is really creative and isn’t afraid to experiment. He usually asks me what I want for dinner and he makes it. While he is cooking I am upstairs doing something else. I don’t want to be in the kitchen while he is cooking. He calls for me when dinner is done and I come down to my plate on the table.
The meat also has to be really small pieces. I hate big chunks of meat. Don’t give me a big ass chicken breast slapped on my plate, slice it into pieces because I don’t want to saw into it.
I am not being a prima donna, I just can’t handle the meat. I can cook a meat dish for someone else, but I won’t eat it.
Actually, vegetables can gross me out too if I let them. I know, I am weird. Thinking about bugs in the plants and the pesticides bothers me too. OMG, I don’t eat bananas much but if ever found a spider in them I would die!
Many years ago Dan & I went out for lunch and I got a salad. Half way through I noticed these big antennaes sticking out attached to a giant bug ( I had not eaten it, thank god). I obviously sent it back and they offered me a free desert ( ah, no thanks, I lost my appetite) We heard a loud scream come from the kitchen when someone saw the bug.
So, veggies and probably fruit too can make me shudder. I have to really not think about what I am eating and I tend to eat fast so it’s gone before I can think about it.
That’s why Dan cooks.
Let’s not even discuss throwing a live lobster into a pot and ripping its body to shreds and sucking out the meat.
Question of the day: Does anything gross you out?
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4 Responses to Why I don’t cook

  1. Kent says:

    Shellfish grosses me out, but I can do crab cakes…!!

  2. karenmregan says:

    If I don’t have to handle it I can deal somewhat. Can’t think about food too much.

  3. Pam says:

    I will always remember what you told me about ham… yuck! Is it just meats and bugs on veggies? You could turn this into avoiding your bad foods, like chips, maybe. Just think of all that rancid oil… No?

    • karenmregan says:

      I think that is why I gravitate towards those kinds of food, Pam. They gross me out less. I saw a show one time where it tried to gross you out on foods you love that are bad but I forget the method used and clearly it didn'[t work for me.

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