One shorter leg than the other


Hello, hello:


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We had a taste of spring on Saturday here in New England, but, it was just a tease and it’s cold again. Oh well, spring has to come sometime, right?


My weekend started off great. I got Queen and Adam Lambert tickets for July at Mohegan Sun in Ct. When I went on the web-site they were sold out! I instant messaged Dan like a 5 year old whining that they were all gone and he found some on Stub Hub. Yeah, Dan to the rescue!



I discovered something funny Saturday while working out with Steve. I was lying on a bench with my feet in the air and I noticed that my left leg is quite longer than my right one. I asked Steve if he could see it and he agreed that my legs are definitely off quite a bit.


No one is totally symmetrical but the length difference is quite noticeable.


Matter of fact, Steve has asked me in the past why I stand funny. My left leg stands off sort of to the side.  Now we know I do that to keep my foot and leg out of the way of whatever it is I am doing.  We really noticed it when I do ball slams but I probably do it more than I realize.


I have had back and hip issues for almost a year now. I thought (and maybe still do) that it was from doing kettle bells last year. I have really tight quads and Steve doesn’t recommend doing kettle bells because you have to have more flexible quads to do them and I just don’t.


The back and hip issues could be from the leg length difference though. I also have a swayed back and my knee hurts when I sleep at night.


Looking all of this up on the internet I see these issues are probably all inter-connected.


The good news is there is an easy fix to this. Many people have the same issues and just need a lift in their shoe.


It has been really interesting to learn different things about my body that I didn’t know before going to Steve. No one has ever mentioned a swayed back, funny stance or a shorter leg.


My Mom and Aunt have had terrible back issues as they got older. Who knows, maybe they had similar issues and never knew it.  I am hoping I can do something about it and avoid problems later. 

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