Warming up before working out

Hi Guys, It’s Sunday again?  Already?

I have a short week this week as I am going to Vermont with my friend, Sue on Friday for the weekend. Can’t wait!

I saw Steve on Saturday and I told him I tweaked my knee doing some at home exercises. I found a video of a girl doing squats and other lower body stuff and I followed her. After doing the first or second move I realized my knee kind of hurt. Not bad, just a pinch but it was a little painful.

I saw Steve that Saturday and  I went to Step and Spinning after that. After Tuesday’s night Spin class my knee was pretty sore. Friday I thought it was better and I bent down to pet Molly and I felt a pull in my knee along with pain.


I started thinking that at Steve’s I get on the elliptical for 15 minutes before we start with the weights. It started to dawn on me that although I have never liked doing the cardio piece it is a good warm up before I start straining my muscles. I realized that if I am going to continue to do at home exercise I need to warm up first and not just jump into them like I did.

I told Steve about my knee and asked him what to do for warm up moves at home. Here is what he showed me to do for 30 seconds on each leg. Just a matter of almost 2 minutes of warming up will do it.

1. Side to side

2. kick backs

3. squats

4. Leg Kicks


I dragged brought Dan to a primitive store on Sunday because we are looking for a side table to put against a wall in our kitchen. I found a few different pieces that I liked and I kept hearing from him ” How much?” and ” I could make that!” to everything I pointed out I liked.

Now Dan could make everything. He is one of those people that sees to be able to  anything from taking care of kids, animals, cooking, woodwork and making things. Dan is super handy and can figure it out even if he doesn’t know how to do it. The problem is we have about a thousand things already waiting for him to do. He doesn’t have time to build anything.

He spotted an old pine ironing board that someone had put legs on to make into a table. I had seen it too but hadn’t thought about it for the use we wanted it for. It’s really cool and unique and even though Dan blanched at the price I bought it. I will show you a picture when he puts the legs back on. We had to take them off to get it home.



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