Having a 4 year old sleep with you!



Hi Guys!
Tuesday already! The week is cruising right along.
I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that Dan and I have a 4 year old girl? Her name is Molly.
Yup, she has been creeping into our room in the middle of the night from the guest room and whining. See, Molly will not jump on the bed in the middle of the night until she is asked to come up. She comes in and goes to Dan’s side of the bed and whines or licks any part of him that is sticking out.
This is kind of good because I don’t want to get ambushed by an 80 pound dog while I am sound asleep, but it ticks me off to wake up.
We both wake up and we shout ” come on, girl” and she’ll sometimes hop on the bed but more often than not Dan has to get out and pick up her front feet and plop them on the bed and then give her butt a shove.
Then Dan has to jump back in bed really quickly before Molly claims his spot as her own. For some reason she likes Dan’s side of the bed and his pillows. I caught her licking his pillows last week. EEWW.
Usually she’ll get in bed and curl right up against Dan, if not, get directly on him. She has to be leaning against him and once she’s settled down she starts with her content, guttural snoring. She sounds like an old man that is dead asleep.
Before Molly we used to have a double bed. We are both small people and we were using Dan’s Grandmother’s antique bed frame which were typically only doubles. When we got Molly one she got big enough to jump on the bed all 3 of us were squeezing into the double. Molly would get in the middle and Dan and I would shove her all night. This went on for far longer than I like to admit and we finally broke down and bought a King size bed.
For the 3 of us….
Now, instead of Molly bugging both of us she usually bugs Dan and I can get a good night sleep.
And I wonder why I don’t sleep well most nights?
Question of the day? Do your pets sleep with you?
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