Live today like it’s your last day on Earth

Hey Everyone:
Hump Day Wednesday.
Yesterday I found out that someone Dan and I used to work with many years ago passed away on Monday. I didn’t know her well but the news made me sad. She helped me in a time of need many years ago and she didn’t even know me. She was a lovely person and was admired by so many of her peers.
Karen was 65 years old.
As I thought of her passing things like “she didn’t even get to retire” entered my mind. She worked her whole life until cancer came along and stole her golden years.
I had a conversation with my Dad 3 years ago when an old child hood friend of mine died suddenly at 40.  I was talking about the injustice of dying so young and my Dad said, ” Karen, not everyone is meant to grow old. We all assume we will but it isn’t in the stars for all people.”
I have thought a lot about his statement over the years and he is right. Children die every day, people in their prime and some don’t even make it past birth.
Most of us live like we have all the time in the world, but the truth is, we don’t know how long we have.
We hear sayings like “Live like today is your last day on Earth” but do we? I am pretty good about doing the things I want to do now and not waiting until “someday”. Dan is a “someday” man. We have talked about  going to North Carolina ever since we got married and he always said “someday”.
Well, my someday came 2 years ago when I went with 2 friends. I felt bad going without him but someday may not ever come and I wasn’t waiting. I try and make time for friends. My house is often a mess but I’d rather a messy house at the end of my life than not spending time with people I care about. I have encouraged Dan to make more time for the people he cares about. Who cares what needs to be done around the house? Go to Vermont and refuel your soul by spending time with the people who can help you do that.
Karen’s passing gave me another reminder that life is short and there is no time to waste.
Do work you love
Spend time with people who brighten your life
Get rid of toxic people who drain you
I know this isn’t anything new to most people. It’s simply another reminder that we all need from time to time that I wanted to share with you.
Embrace life because you never know what it has in store for you.
Use your good china, wear your diamond earrings and for the love of God, who cares if you have a messy house?
RIP Karen.
Thank you for teaching me one last lesson.

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2 Responses to Live today like it’s your last day on Earth

  1. Priya says:

    I worked with her for years and was so saddened to hear of her passing. I loved her stories and mentoring.

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