Girls’ weekend Prep

Hi Everyone:

Who hoo it’s my Friday and I am going away to Vermont tomorrow for a girl’s weekend away.

I just got back from stocking up on all of the essential:


Kind Granola ( honey & oat) Image

Light Popcorn


Kind granola bars ( chocolate and sea salt) These suckers have a lot of fat for a small bar but I am really trying to go for healthier stuff.



Shock Top Belgian Wheat




Women’s Health  – I’ll find all about

  • Looking great naked
  • Transforming my Tush
  • Exclusive- fit & sexy




  • Best abs EVER
  • Sleep more tonight
  • 24 minutes to slim

There is a whole bunch of other smut in these magazines too but you can read about it on your own. Magazines are such a waste of money but I love them for a quick read.

Speaking of reading I may bring my tablet and download a ghost story. The Inn  is supposedly haunted ( don’t tell Sue). Read here:



Anyone who knows me knows ghosts both fascinate and freak me out. I love to hear the stories but then I don’t sleep for a week. My parent’s house on The Cape was haunted and it scared the crap out of me as a kid.


I will be off-line until Sunday as I have no e-mail access or internet. I know I need to get with the century but in some ways I like being off the grid.


Have a wonderful weekend. The weather is supposed to be kind of iffy. I don’t really care except to go on our dog sled ride tomorrow night.

Fingers Crossed! I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.




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4 Responses to Girls’ weekend Prep

  1. Sue says:

    Too late Sue knows. We sleep in a twin bed together

  2. Pam says:

    Have fun Karen and Sue! Hope you’re taking photos of the dogsledding. And maybe the ghost, too! Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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