Girl’s weekend Away – things to do

ImageHey Y’all.

Sue and I didn’t want to do too much while we were gone but we didn’t want to just sit around either and stare at each other.


On the way to the Inn we stopped at the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, Vermont. Have you ever been? The store is a blast! It is filled with old fashioned candy that you can’t find anymore, cheeses and a ton of samples to try and a whole host of unique and old products.


Remember ” Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” shampoo?



How about Lemon Up? What a hoot, huh?


Sue and I poked around the store for a bit. Neither one of us bought anything but it was fun to walk around.

The next morning Julie recommended we check out the town of Chester for some antique stores. We went to 2 of them, one actually had lobsters for sale as well as antiques. Only in Vermont!

I saw a ton of cool things but nothing I had to have so I didn’t buy anything. I really wanted to buy something but I hate to spend just to spend.

Chester was a small town with a few interesting stores. The day was nice so we just wandered in and out of the stores. We went down a side street and I saw this cool bridge. I tried to get Sue to stand on it so I could get her picture but she wouldn’t do it. I was going to myself but decided against it.



Julie suggested we try the Victoria Inn for High tea. It is a very popular stop and it was written up in Yankee Magazine twice. So, we got 3:00 reservations and made our way to the Inn.


It is a huge Victorian (hence the name) and is decorated as such. We heard that the owners put on a little skit dressed up in period costumes while tea is served.

Penny greeted us at the Inn and asked us to start by choosing the tea cup we wanted to use for tea. It was not an easy choice!


These are what we picked. Mine was the left one and Sue had the red cup.


Then we looked at a menu and picked our tea. We both chose a black tea. Kind of boring with over 30 choices but I like black tea.

Penny came back with our tea pots and all sorts of goodies: tarts, puff pastry filled with shrimp, cookies and other sweets.

Then she left us……

She told us she was going upstairs and if we needed anything to give her a shout. Or we could put in a movie and watch it in the living room.


Sue and I sat at her dining room table and had some tea (we could have shared a pot) and ate the food. Now nothing against Sue but for $20.00 and change we could have stayed at our Inn and had tea and food and talked to one another.


We were  a little disappointed with the tea and wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t mind spending $20.00 for tea and some snacks with a friend. Maybe if there had been other people if would have been more interesting…

Oh well, it was something different to do, right?


Other guests at The Golden Stage Inn had gone to the Castle spa and resort and gotten a massage. Sue and I stopped on our way back from tea to see if we could get in Sunday before we left. The place is beautiful and they had many services but they couldn’t take us until 1:00 and 2:00 on Sunday and we needed to leave before that. I had just decided on a facial but maybe another time.

So even though we didn’t want to do much we got in a lot. The area has a lot to do for all kinds of people.


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