Arnica Montana for my tweaked knee


Hi Guys:


A few weeks back I tweaked my right knee doing some at home exercises. I didn’t warm up first and I was doing squats and those kind of moves and felt it tweak.

The pain has moved from the knee cap to the side and back of the knee. It starts to feel better and then I go to Step or Spin and it starts to ache again. This is going on my 4th week of it. It’s getting better but the twinge is still there.

I had been giving Arnica Montana to my dog for a year now off and on for a limp she tends to get in the winter. I researched this to death last year and anyone from dog breeders, vets, show dogs and holistic web-sites highly recommends anyone with a dog to have this supplement on hand.


Arica is : A daisy-like mountain flower used for bruises, sprains, soreness and swelling/muscle spasms from sports activity; arthritis set off by seasonal change; general muscle and joint pain.

My vet told me not to give to Molly but after reading up so much on it and hearing so many positive outcomes I decided to use it on her anyway. I give her 4 tablets 4 times a day for 3 days. I read that if it doesn’t help within 3 days then stop giving it to them because it will either help in 3 days or it won’t.


It has seemed to help Molly. She comes up lame in the snow and ice and can have a pretty significant limp. I give her the pills and she is visibly better the next day.

Dan has a slightly torn rotator’s cuff that has been aggravated lately and it’s killing him. I decided to buy some Arnica cream for his shoulder. I needed to buy more pills for Molly so I went to the Natural Food store and bought the cream and pills.

It suddenly dawned on me that I should be using this for my knee! Arnica can be used on both animals and people. I just read an  article where you could see soccer players in the World Cup pouring something into their mouth from a bottle and it was Arnica to help with soreness and bruising.


I went home and took 4 pills and put some cream on and around my knee area last night.


No joke, within 45 minutes my knee was not aching any more!

I put more cream on my knee before bed and the knee felt good. When I awoke Saturday it was a bit sire again so I took 4 more pills and applied the cream two more times. It definitely helps with the ache.

Dan used the cream on his shoulder last night and he is NOT a believer in my holistic drugs. He put the cream on, however, and said he actually thought his shoulder felt a little better. Now he has a tear which is way more serious than a tweak but he used the cream again this morning too and thought there was a slight improvement. If I can get him to keep using it I’d like to see what happens. We’ll see if he does.

But either way my knee feels better using the Arnica and I know it helps Molly. It was interesting to use it on myself and really see if there is an improvement. I didn’t know if it was just coincidental with Molly that she got better after taking the supplement.

I am sticking with this method in the future.

A web-site with more information on using Arnica:

NOTE: I am not a vet and have no affiliation with Arnica Montana. I am not giving medical advice; I am simply sharing my experience using this product. Please check with your doctor and/ or vet as supplements can interfere with certain medications.

Question: Has anyone used Arnica or any other type of holistic supplement?



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