Clean eating after my girl’s weekend splurge

What a beautiful Sunday! Today felt like Spring. I got in two walks in the dog park and fell asleep in the sun with my favorite girl. Molly! My face got a little color too.


Last weekend I ate rather poorly while I was away with Sue. It could have been worse but it certainly wasn’t good. I e-mailed Steve when I got back on Sunday and told him I am getting fat ( a slight exaggeration). He told me to just try and eat clean and get back to working out. He asked if I wanted to be weighed last week and I said no. We’ll see about this week. Still not quite feeling it but we’ll see.


I am going back to sending him my food journals too. I had stopped for a few weeks but decided I needed to pick it back up again.

I went food shopping last week when I got back from vacation and planned out my week’s meals. I did pretty well with eating well.


Here is what I sent to Steve:

Kind Bar (7:30)
2 cups coffee
Tomato & feta Frittata (11:30)
pastrami – no bread
greek yogurt w/ honey & chia seeds (2:30)
handful of KIND Granola (5:00)
Curried shrimp, brown rice & mangoes with cilantro (7:45)
Zone bar (7:30)
2 cups coffee
Greek yogurt with honey and bit of KIND granola (10:00)
Salad with chicken salad and fat free balsamic dressing (11:30)
Half a KIND Bar (2:00)
Handful of natural popcorn (5:30)
Left over Chinese food (Chicken & veggies with brown rice)
no tea or wine
Zone bar (8:30)
2 cups of coffee
handful of KIND granola
1/2 omelet with toast (12:30)
handful of popcorn (3:30)
baked haddock, shrimp, scallops with rice & veggies (8:15)
I am trying to eat smaller meals more frequently, but I need to be careful not to over eat at the meals either. When I do this grazing I can tend to eat too much. A few days I didn’t have enough food and I was hungry and I noticed I reach for the snacks (popcorn) when that happens. Still I was pleased with the week.
I have always hated Greek yogurt but I am starting to get used to it now. I don’t love it but Julie served it to us with honey & chia seeds last weekend at the Inn and it wasn’t bad. I bought a few vanilla flavored ones as I don’t really like the flavored. Kent pointed out the same concern that I had; the flavored (even vanilla) ones have a lot of sugar in them. There is the same amount, if not more, sugar as there is protein. So this week I bought just plain Greek yogurt and will add my own honey & fruit or whatever I decide.
Saturday night I was craving scallops. Dan and I went out and instead of getting fried I got a baked haddock, shrimp and scallop plate with rice and mixed veggies. It was pretty basic but it was healthy and it hit the spot.
I felt good eating healthy this week. I haven’t exercised as much as I’d like because I am trying to let my knee get better. I haven’t done any at home exercises in weeks and I know I need to.
So although last weekend wasn’t a great eating weekend I have completely laid off the booze and am really watching what I eat.
Question of the day: what do you do when you over eat?



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2 Responses to Clean eating after my girl’s weekend splurge

  1. Kent says:

    I just had this same discussion with Christy a day or two ago.. Plain yogurt and add your own inserts.. I always use low sugar craisins to sweeten it up a little along with others..

  2. karenmregan says:

    Yeah, you inspired me to ditch the flavored ones and buy plain and add my own stuff.

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