Honey Face Mask


It is almost Thursday!  Yeah!

My face has been breaking out really badly lately. It’s always on my chin and it just has been relentless for the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s hormones or the fact that I am using a million different products right now or working up a sweat working out. Regardless, it has been driving me nuts.


I have been seeing on Face Book the wonders of using a honey mask on your face to help clear it up. I read several reviews and some said it cleared up breakouts, some said it just moisturized and some people said it caused a rash!

The reviews said to do a spot check first to make sure you aren’t reactive, but of course, I just slathered it on.


I basically removed my make-up and then washed my face with a soap that I use. Then I took raw honey and mixed it with a tad of water and put it all over my face. I let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it off. The honey ran a little bit so I kept a towel with me to wipe when it dripped. It did tend to get everywhere but at least it tastes good!

Some folks said they kept it on over night but I can see me waking up with dog hair stuck all over my face. Plus it must make a sticky mess on the pillows….


Anyway, I have done this for 2 nights now and I have to say I think I do see an improvement in my skin.

It could be coincidental but I am going to keep using it and see what happens. I also need to stick to one product and not use a different one each night. I got a lot of cool stuff from Made From Earth that I have been trying and it could be wreaking havoc on my face.


Question of the day: Has anyone tried a honey face mask? Did it work for you?


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