The Clothes Test

Happy, Happy Friday:

I hope everyone has a nice weekend planned. It’s supposed to be mild here and very spring like. Maybe some outside work?

ImageThis is not me

When I first started to see Steve I told him that I didn’t really care about scale weight. I know when I am gaining weight by how my clothes fit and frankly last summer they fit like crap. I had so many clothes that I didn’t wear because my pants all felt like thongs! It was mostly in the stomach and bottom half of me that gained weight ( although my boobs got bigger and I don’t have big boobs) so I had a few pairs of shorts and work pants that I wore regularly and a ton of nice clothes that I never wore.

I know that I have lost inches because Steve measured me in February and I lost inches all around since November when I started seeing him. I had been slipping some and afraid I was gaining some inches back. After my mini vacation with Sue I have been trying to be so much better about my food choices and no alcohol. When I put my mind to something I can stick to it.

I have been putting off trying on my summer clothes. It’s starting to get warmer though so after the gym tonight I swore I would go home and try some of my tightest clothes on.


They fit!


Love how Dan cut off my head, but you get the gist


I can actually wear them and they won’t look like my ass is eating my pants this year. I still have some work to do but that’s ok. They fit and they don’t look obscene, hurt or cause me stomach aches.

I pulled out a pair of Capri jeans that DID NOT fit me at all. I was really shell shocked last summer when I went to put them on and they didn’t go over my hips. Seriously, I wore them all summer the year before and last year I couldn’t even get them up.




I also tried on 2 pair of shorts that were very tight that I didn’t wear at all. I will be wearing them this summer.

So, needless to say I am super happy that some items that didn’t fit now do. As I said, I can use some more work but my goal was to be able to get those clothes on this year.


I didn’t really think about it until now but I think that was what finally made me seek a Personal Trainer. The scale can say whatever but when clothes don’t fit that did up until recently something has to change.



I chose results!

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