My Happy Place (and Molly’s)

Hi Everyone: What a gorgeous weekend it turned out to be! I hope you all enjoyed it doing something fun.

See the beaver’s ring in the water


We have a 3.5 acre pond across the street from us that my previous landlord’s own. You can swim, fish, paddle boat and skate on it and I have spent many hours over there doing all of those things. This time of the year the pond when the pond finally thaws and comes alive I just love going over there.

Molly does too. If you say the word “pond”  she gets really excited and runs to the car. She knows what it means and she has a blast over there. Dan brings her over there every night after our walk in the dog park. She LOVES to fish. He’ll catch one and she picks it up by the fin and can’t figure  out where it goes when Dan releases it. She stares at the water and just doesn’t get it.

2 best friends


Molly freaking out at the geese



Molly waiting for beaver


There is a path cut around the whole pond so you can walk around it. It isn’t far but it’s a very peaceful and serene walk in the woods. I have snuck up on a Mama beaver and her babies playing. I sat on the path and watched the Mother chew wood while her baby squeaked and played around her. It was really cool.


Molly on the path (she’s hard to see)

The pond in the summer is my happy place.

There is usually very few people over there as people tend to get skeeved by ponds. There is a dock that goes out to about 6 feet and I jump off of that with a  noodle and bob in the middle. The middle of the pond if about 25 feet so my feet don’t touch the bottom. I don’t mind the fish, turtles and snakes that I often see while I am there.

On hot summer days I bring Molly, a book, a chair and lunch and we stay there for hours. Molly doesn’t swim; she’s like an old lady and stares at the fish in the water and wades up to her knees. If I have a stick I can entice her in up to her belly but that’s it.

My friend, Pam, often comes over and we have spent hours over there swimming, floating on noodles and just being lazy. Years ago when Danny was young we used to have an annual pond party. There is a huge picnic table ( can seat 8 on each side) and a smaller one under a tree for shade. We brought over the grills and kayaks and everyone had a blast.


This Blue Heron decoy has had the cops called on it. A neighbor was fooled and thought it was a one legged Heron that was hurt and called 911. The cops showed up with lights flashing and were mildly amused to find a plastic heron caused all the commotion. The poor neighbor never lived that story down but many people are fooled by it.

The decoy is to keep real Herons out of the pond as they eat all the fish. My old landlords used to stock the pond every year and got ticked when the Heron ate all the fish. I have heard a pond will generally only have one Heron, hence the decoy.

The pond has seen many a party. I guess back in the day there were many skinny dippers and lots of alcohol.

I am happy to see the pond again. It’s like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s peaceful and happy.

I can sit over there with a book, Molly or a friend and be perfectly content.

My happy place.


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