Heroes among us

Hey Everyone:

I obviously can’t go through the day without remembering and honoring the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. The atrocity our city saw that day was unspeakable and unimaginable that anyone could purposefully do this to fellow human beings.

But in the tragedy emerged heroes.

The first responders


Carlos Arredondo


Doctors and nurses


The Survivors


and of course

The 3 beautiful souls who died that day


In the midst of all this tragedy we heard so many stories of heroism.

People running towards the bombs to help the wounded.

People taking off their own shirts and belts to use a tourniquets. Some using their own hands to staunch the blood.

People just staying by someone’s side so they wouldn’t be alone and afraid…

So many ordinary people like you and me being a hero.

So today I am asking YOU to be a hero.

I don’t mean you have to run into a burning building and save a life. Being a hero doesn’t mean you have to risk your own life.

What I am talking about is thinking about your fellow man and being kind and compassionate. Take notice of someone who needs your help and offer them support. Put your needs aside for today and ask someone else what they need. Volunteer, donate money, donate your time, stand up for someone weaker than you,  do the right thing.. 

but do something  that isn’t about you and be a hero to someone else.


If the terrible events of Boston Marathon taught me anything it was that anyone can be a hero to someone.

All it takes is a little effort.







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