My new Step Mom (again)

Hey Everyone:

Well, I finally met my Dad’s new squeeze today, Nina. Look how cute she is!


I caught him off guard obviously, but she’s adorable.


I got down to The Cape at about 11:15 and my brother and Nina and Dad were hanging out in her room. She has a great place with a big sitting area, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. She also has a lovely deck that over looks the back yard. I never even stepped into my Dad’s room today.

Poor Nina didn’t realize she was invited to go out to lunch with us and when we told her of course she was invited  she was so happy and thankful. She told me she wasn’t dressed very nicely and when I pointed out I had jeans on she told she has a pair of jeans too. What a doll.

Dad helped Nina in and out of the car, took her arm and they held hands at the table. I loved how they split a meal and shared their food.


Coast Guard Beach

Apparently, they don’t get out of the assisted living much so I spent the day driving them everywhere! We went to Chatham (I showed Nina where I got married) and we went to the Coast Guard Beach for a while and just watched the ocean. Nina was thrilled to be at the beach just watching the ocean and Dad kept saying he was just happy watching her.

At one point they were gigging in the backseat and I told them no hanky panky back there and asked was I going to have to adjust my mirror so I could keep an eye on them. Dad told me he had his hand on her knee and she didn’t object so he was leaving it there. She told him to restrain himself.


From Chatham we went to West Dennis and I showed Nina Dad’s old house. It was a beautiful house that was built for Henry Fonda’s brother, Peter. At the end of their street was a Cove with a dock that you could fish or just sit on. Very serene and peaceful. Nina loved seeing where Dad spent 26 years and now when he speaks of the house she knows what it looks like. I also took a trip down memory lane at West Dennis Beach where Pam and I spent many hours ( although not on the beach) and I totally fell for a rent a cop down there that I PINED for for years.   Memories…..


From there we headed to get some ice cream. This is Dad’s favorite treat in life and apparently it is Nina’s as well. She insisted on buying so although I had fish and chips at lunch and polished off my brother’s sweet potato fries, which I don’t really like, I had some ice cream too.

I couldn’t hurt her feelings and say no, could I?

Some woman heard me taking a picture of the love birds and she asked if I wanted her to get all 3 of us. So nice of this lady to offer.

Here we are eating ice cream at The Sundae School.



This place brings back so many memories of me as a kid. My Dad always loved ice cream so we would go out many nights a week to get some and this was the place to go. The ice cream is the best. Nina was raving about how good it is.

From there I was going to have Dad buy Nina flowers but she kind of blew our plan and came in the store with us and bought her own. I told her I wanted to buy them for her but she said no.

Whomp, whomp… I wanted to do something nice for her.

We finally headed back to their place and she told me time and again what a lovely day they had and how much they loved getting out. She thanked me profusely many times for asking her to come and how grateful she was.

I have to say I loved meeting her. She is  lovely, well spoken and asks great questions. She told me she has many good questions she just wished she had more answers.

Was it weird to see my Dad with another woman?

No, not at all.

She would say to him ” You make me so happy” and he would say ” You make me happier”.

They both said the other one saved the other’s life.

He kept saying ” I have this wonderful woman”

Ok, it was a bit much but what can I say? It was so sweet I can’t even make fun of it. Who doesn’t want someone to feel that way about them?

Nina did mention marriage once during the day. She told me after they were married Dad would move into her place but not before. She doesn’t believe in that.


Crap, I thought so…She is not going to want to shack up.

Dad doesn’t want to get married right now. They haven’t really known each other all that long and he knows it may not be the best idea. Neither Dad or I sad anything and the topic passed.

This lady is a total gem and I am so glad they have each other. My Dad seems better with his memory issues and he is certainly happier. She helps him with his issues and he helps her with hers. They are good for each other.

Next time I go to visit she wants to go Yard Sale-ing. I told her I would be happy to take her and she beamed.

Maybe I’ll have her put on her jeans and us cool chicks will go looking for bargains.


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One Response to My new Step Mom (again)

  1. Kent says:

    Awwww… What a sweet story.. I figured everything would work out in the end..!!

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