Happy Easter


Hi Everyone: I hope you all had a nice Easter. It was a beautiful day in Massachusetts. Warm sun, but cool breeze. Perfect- for me anyway.


Our family is pretty small and spread out so it was just Dan and I for Easter this year- oh and Molly, of course. We didn’t really have any plans so I suggested taking Molly for a hike somewhere. We haven’t done that in awhile and it was a great day to do that kind of thing.

First we started out the day having brunch at The Ugly Omelet. This place has great food and we really like the owner. It can be pretty crowded at times but today we got right in and got seated right away. Dan had breakfast and I had a chicken fajita wrap with home made tortilla chips. They’re the best!

After brunch Dan picked Mt Watatic in Ashburnham to hike. It’s only about 1/2 and hour from our house and the hike is pretty quick.

We put Molly in the car and drove up to the mountain. There were a bunch of cars there already and it was only 1:00.  Neither of us had been up this mountain from this trail and as we started up we noticed it was pretty steep. We are both out of practice hiking as we haven’t gone in awhile. We used to go all the time but we just haven’t done it lately. Molly is a great climber. She has these long legs and she just runs up the rocks with no trouble.


She really looks like a pit in this picture but she really looks more like a hound.

I worked out with Steve on Saturday and my legs and butt were screaming walking up the steep mountain. With a few rest stops we made it to the top in less than an hour. The views up there are beautiful. There were a few folks up there hanging out having lunch but it was pretty quiet for the most part.



I don’t know anyone who takes worse pictures of me than Dan. I think he tries to make me look bad!

We stayed on the top for a few minutes and then we made our way back down. The downward hike was starting to irritate that knee that had been bothering me. I hope it doesn’t irritate it again.


Molls getting a drink

We were back in the car by 2:30 and we were all kind of tired by then. Dan had already taken Molly for a 2 mile walk in the dog park that morning.

We got home I went to the store for food for the week and we met Rosemary at the dog park at 5:00 for another walk around with the dogs. 2 more miles under our belts. It was a beautiful night and although I was sore I hated to sit home.

We got home from the park and Dan took Molly over to the pond for another walk! This dog better sleep tonight! I think I will.

Anyway, Dan cooked some shrimp on the grill and we had grilled shrimp over salad for dinner. Neither of us was very hungry so that was a nice light meal.

Happy Easter !!!

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