Happy Patriot’s Day! It was an absolutely beautiful day today. My co-worker and I took a nice walk at lunch instead of sitting at our desks.
Ever since I got back from my girl’s weekend away I have been alcohol free. I ate and drink a bit much that weekend and when I got back I decided I was going to lay off the wine for a while. While I have definitely been really good about that it has somehow given me an excuse to eat not so great on the weekends.
This was the food journal I sent to Steve last night for my weekend eating and his reply.
Zone Bar
cup of coffee
Fish & chips
Ice cream
2 shrimp cocktail & cup of tomato soup
Zone bar
2 cups of coffee
onion & pepper, ham omelet, toast
healthy chicken parm & pasta (not breaded or fried)
KIND bar
cup of coffee
Chicken fajita wrap & tortilla chips
Grilled shrimp salad
His reply was this:
Ice cream
Fishn chips
Tortilla chips
Potentially wt gain if too often
I was a little irritated at first because I thought ” I may have cheated for one meal but the rest of the day wasn’t that bad and I am not drinking at all.”  I also have been working out quite a bit more than I have been but in my mind that is also justifying eating poorly.
My eating is really pretty good during the week but as much as I hate to admit it, Steve is right. I am basically blowing all the good I do during the week on the weekends. I have had noticeable weight loss but if I want to maintain that I have to watch what I eat as much as how much and what I am doing for exercise.
I am really good at justifying eating something bad.
” I’ll be good for the rest of the day”
” I worked out extra today. I’ll burn it off”
” I never eat like this”
“I am not drinking so I can afford the extra calories”
The truth of the matter is, and Steve always tells me this, I can work out all I want but if I eat crap I am not going to lose weight.
I need to stop with the excuses and commit to eating well as much as I am working out.  I have lost weight and toned up but imagine what I would look like if I get my eating squared away a little better.
Please share this post if you can relate
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