Going Commando

Hey Ladies:
I was talking to, Christy, my Spin teacher last night and the topic of what to wear under your gym shorts came up. There has been a person known at the gym to many teachers that, we think, unbeknownst to him, he lets it all hang out.
This brought up the topic of what do we wear under our gym shorts. God knows I have been known to have wardrobe malfunctions while working out so it has been a question I have been dying to ask.
Read  my past  blog about my too tight underwear https://fabinyour40s.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=129&action=edit
I have always worn cotton brief underwear while working out. However, when I gained some weight over the past few years my undies were not fitting me comfortably. I actually wrote a blog last year on that was one way I knew I had gained weight. My underwear didn’t fit.
So, while working out I switched to wearing a thong because they weren’t as tight fitting on me.
What I didn’t realize was that at times everyone could see my thong.
This is NOT me
Not that I am horribly mortified by this (it’s only underwear people) but now that I know this I stopped wearing thongs and started wearing granny panties.
These look lovely with the outline of these huge ass, no pun intended, panty lines. Very attractive. Not sure what is better, thong showing or ugly panty lines.
I googled this topic and you wouldn’t believe how many discussions there are about this topic! The one group I looked at had over 13 pages of responses to this question.
The answers were all over the map too. Some women wear thongs, some wear nothing and some wear cotton briefs. Seems like it is simply a matter of preference.
I was intrigued by women wearing nothing underneath their gym shorts. I don’t wear anything underneath my bike shorts because I had complained to Dan that my thong was killing me during Spin and he asked me why I was wearing anything at all?
I don’t know..
He told me I didn’t have to with the built in seat.
The first time I wore nothing it seemed a bit odd but I got over it quickly enough and it was way more comfortable.
So now I am contemplating no underwear underneath my more fitting gym shorts. I hate panty lines with a passion even at the gym.
Still feels a bit odd to me though. At least in Spin I am sitting and my butt isn’t in anyone’s face.
We’ll see if I have the nerve to go commando.
If I have a wardrobe malfunction while wearing no underwear someone please tell me!
Maybe I should have titled this Blog as TMI
Question of the day: Underwear or no underwear while working out?
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2 Responses to Going Commando

  1. Christy Shepard says:

    I never wear underwear under my excerise clothes. Most workout clothes are form fitting and have a crotch area so no need for underwear. It’s so much more comfortable your underwear doesn’t ride up and if you wear a thong you dont have to worry about people seeing it.

  2. karenmregan says:

    I am glad to have this question finally answered. Thank you for sharing!

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