Hard work paying off

Hey Guys: It’s Friday !  Any good plans for the weekend?

We are off to our monthly dinner party tomorrow night. Full house of 12 or 13 of us. We have rice or potato to bring. Wonder what Dan will make?


I went out with my friend, Kelly, last night for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill. I got out  a bit earlier and went to Marshalls to kill some time. I haven’t been shopping in a  long time. I refused to buy clothes before I lost some weight so I have just been wearing what I have. I also made a bargain with myself that if I hired Steve to help me tone and lose weight then I would not spend money on clothes. It was either a trainer or buy clothes.

Steve won and it has been so worth it.


Fitness Your Weigh

While I was wandering around Marshalls I found a pair of white jeans for the summer. I wanted some last year but never got any. I grabbed a size 6 praying like hell they were going to fit or Marshalls would have seen me having a melt down. Lo and behold not only did they fit, they were a little loose. I didn’t try on the size 4 because I didn’t want to push my luck but I’ll take a loose size 6!


I also found a really cute dress that I don’t need at all. It fits really well though and although I bought the medium, again, I’ll bet the small would have fit me. Not brave enough to try the smaller sizes just yet.


Little wrinkled but this is the dress.


I am finally getting back to where I was 2 years ago in size. I just had a conversation with Steve on Wednesday on if we should do a weekly weigh in. I decided I don’t need to because I am happy with the way my clothes fit and the size I am buying. I don’t really care what the scale says.

I have been trying to pick up an extra class with Steve here and there on Saturdays and I have been faithfully going to the gym. I have been walking at lunch and trying to watch what I eat moderately.

At dinner last night I had a burger with goat cheese and a sauce on a whole wheat oat bun. It came with fries or onion rings  (or both) BUT I was so proud of myself because I asked for a substitute of broccoli instead of the fries or onion rings.  You know, after fitting into the clothes at Marshalls I was ok with not having the fried foods. Normally, I would have been dying for them, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t full when I was finished but I was ok and although burgers aren’t the best food for you I still splurged but not over doing it totally.



The hard work is definitely paying off.

Why am I telling you this?

It isn’t to brag. It’s to let you ladies know that I am just like you. I had some extra weight (12 pounds in a year) that I wasn’t happy with and with some effort, assistance and eating moderately well in 6 months I am almost back to where I was 2 years ago.

You have seen some of my food journals. I don’t eat that great on the weekends. It has been a struggle for me and one that Steve has had to remind me about on a couple of occasions. But even with the not so great weekend eating, I have lost weight.

Yes, I have picked up extra workouts but honestly I feel like I am working smarter, not harder.

You can too. I am just a woman in her 40’s who is just trying to look and feel good while still feeling like I am enjoying life.



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