Being ok with not being ok

Hey Everyone:
Thank you for everyone that reached out to me about my Blog last night. I had many concerned people write me and ask if I am ok.
I am fine. Didn’t mean to worry anyone. But I sincerely appreciate the concern and well meaning of you all. It felt good to share with you and get it out in the open, to be honest.
That’s one reason I started this Blog; to share the good and the bad. Life isn’t all good. Sometimes it’s just plain shitty for all of us and that’s ok. We’ll get through it. I have crappy times and hard things to deal with just like everyone else does.  We all have different challenges but we all have them at times and we need to support one another.
Sometimes I hear from people, “You’re a coach, you have it all together”.
Ha, I so do not have all together.
  • I have bad days
  • I hurt people’s feelings at times
  • I get bitchy
  • I am a “sensitive sally” at times
  • I can be a drama queen
  • I can feel very “poor me” and wallow in my pity.


But I try to be compassionate with myself, learn from my mistakes and do what I can to do better next time.
So, I shared my story with you last night because one of you may be feeling just like I did.
And it’s ok….. Give to someone else what you desperately need.
And if that doesn’t work, this always helps me!
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