What do you need?

Hi Guys: Hope you had a great weekend.

To be honest, Dan and I had a terrible weekend.  Probably one of the worst we have had in years. We are having issues with a loved one and hurtful, hateful words were spoken that can’t be taken back or unsaid.


That’s something everyone needs to learn: Words can’t be unsaid.

Anyway, we are both feeling emotionally, physically and spiritually tired.

Beaten down, exhausted.

Dan and I were talking today and we were both trying to figure out what we need to heal our souls, really.

I got to thinking about that and here are a few things that I need from people.

  • I am overly sensitive right now so I need patience
  • I am short fused so I need forgiveness
  • I am feeling very vulnerable so I need kindness and encouragement

As was thinking about all the things I wanted from people I remembered that I read somewhere ” if you need something DO that something for others”


I like this idea so much better than focusing on what I need.

Lately, I have been feeling very doubtful about my efforts at Steve’s. I don’t feel like I have been giving it my all and I feel like I could be and should be working so much better. The past few weeks I have found myself looking around at other people and comparing myself to them and thinking ” They are doing so much better than me” or  ” They have such positive energy, I feel like I am bringing in negative energy”.

Even though Steve told me I did a good job I found my Inner Critic creeping in saying thing things like ” maybe you should take a break for awhile”.

I know, I know where this is coming from and I refuse to buy into it. 

What do I need? I need encouragement and I need kindness so instead of focusing on me I need to give those to others.

Steve ran a road race this weekend and posted on Face Book that he ran his all time best time. Normally, I never “like” anything on Facebook or comment much on people’s posts. I kind of think it’s silly because who cares what I “like” but in keeping encouragement in mind I purposefully posted a comment on Steve’s post.

” Great job, Steve. You should be proud”.

And he should. He leads by example and walks his talk.

I know writing that comment isn’t a big deal, in fact, it’s a very small thing. Does he care that I think he did a good job? I don’t know, it almost doesn’t matter, it feels good to offer someone encouragement. It feels to good to stop thinking about me and to start thinking about other people’s needs.


So, I am going to start focusing on what other people may need. This was just one example of how I am going to start doing that.


Question of the day: What do you need and how can I give it to you?




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