Wellness weekend girl’s get away

Thursday! One more day to the weekend.


My friend, Sue, asked me recently if I would be interested in going away on a wellness weekend. We both workout quite a bit and she suggested maybe a health oriented weekend might be different.


I never thought I would be interested in working out and eating healthy on vacation but it actually does sound appealing.


My first thought was to go to Sedona, Arizona. Beautiful red rocks and it is very spiritual there and they have a lot of wellness retreats. But as usual money factored in so we had to think of something more economical.


My second thought was Kripalu in the Berkshires. I have heard about this place for many years. They have many Yoga classes and meditation but they also have many coaching, spiritual and healing classes. They have well known speakers from all over the country. Dan and I stayed at an Inn right across the street a few years back but I didn’t go in for a tour.


I looked into a R & R weekend and this is a sample day:


A sample day …

With a variety of workshops and activities to choose from, your days can be as full or as quiet as you desire.


  • Wake, stretch, and stroll down the hall to a morning Kripalu Yoga class
  • Take a workshop or get outdoors on a guided hike on one of the scenic trails
  • Spend some quiet time alone, enjoy a meditation walk, or join a tai chi class on the lawn


  • Get invigorated in a noon dance class
  • Nurture your body and your soul by lunching with new friends
  • Sit in on a health lecture or enjoy a healing Kripalu massage


  • Take another workshop, set out on a guided kayak trip, or explore the labyrinth
  • Enjoy an afternoon yoga class or head to the lake with your journal


  • Chat with new friends while enjoying a fabulous all-natural meal
  • Attend a concert or workshop or have a healing arts session
  • Detox in the sauna and then head off to bed


I feel relaxed looking at this schedule already. I could do this.


I have heard the food is clean eating and all natural. Lots of fruit and veggies and a strict no alcohol policy. I was also told the dinners are silent meals but I guess you can go somewhere and talk at dinner. I don’t think Sue and I could do the no talk policy.


You can share a room with 6 other women ( no thanks) or get your own at a higher cost with a private bathroom. Yes, please.


Apparently, there is a lot of nakedness too. You can’t be uptight ( so I am told) in the locker rooms or saunas. This might wig me out a bit. Talking to a naked person and try and stare at their face may be a challenge for me.


Sue and I agreed that if we go we are not doing naked Yoga. Honestly, I don’t even know if they have it but I am not doing it.


This picture was the most decent I could find. The rest looked like porn. Don’t think so.

The weekend sound really appealing to me now and although I would still love to go to Sedona I have heard great things about Kripalu and it isn’t that far to get to.


We were thinking about going in the Fall but the Berkshires are wall to wall people in the Fall due to leaf peepers. We are going to look into this and make a decision soon.


Can we go now???


Question of the day: Has anyone been to Kripalu? Have you been on a wellness weekend?

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