Mean Girls at the gym



Monday, Monday… Hope your Monday went well.
I have a funny story about pettiness at the gym. I don’t run into it too often but every now and then….
You all know I go to Step class every Monday night at my gym? I have been going for years and years.
2 classes ago I went and grabbed an empty Step and a woman came up to me and said ‘That’s mine, I set it up earlier” so I said ok and moved on to the Step next to her. She promptly walked up to me and said ” You can’t have that one either. I am saving it for a friend”
ok… Now we are not in high school anymore ladies and there are no “assigned” spots but whatever… you want it that badly, you got it. So, I found another place.
This past week I got to class and found an empty spot and set up my Step. The friend of this lady came in and walked right up to me and said ” You’re Karen, right? Don’t you usually stand over there?” and proceeded to point to a spot quite far away.
“Uh, nope”, I said and stood where I was without moving. This chick was clearly annoyed with me the entire class. She set up her Step right in front of me and apparently felt crowded when doing moves. I kept getting the stares, glares and sighs for the whole class.
Well, honey, you put your Step there, not me.
Tonight, one of the ladies went into a class still going on and claimed her Step before Power class was even done! A woman I was talking with said ” I can’t believe some people would cut in front of a line of waiting people and grab 2 Steps”. I told her the story and she was pretty appalled.
Definitely one disadvantage to going to a gym. I have heard there are many cliques at the gym , but I haven’t really seen it. I go, do my class and leave for the most part.
Except Spin, where people might say Kent and I are a clique. He does save my bike next to him every class and I would be annoyed if someone took my bike but I wouldn’t be childish and say anything.
We look like a mean group, don’t we?
I would wait for Kent to. LOL!
Anyway, just kind of amusing how some people will blatantly be rude. Oh well….
Speaking of exercising, I have been so proud of myself. I have been walking at lunch with my co-worker 3 days a week, if it’s nice out. We go for about a 40 minute brisk walk around the buildings and eat lunch at our desks. It’s a good way to break up the day and I am getting in another walk. Whoo hoo!
So, I am exercising at night at the gym but have also picked up walking during the day. I haven’t weighed myself lately but the scale should be looking good.
Here is my Motto to everyone at the gym:
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One Response to Mean Girls at the gym

  1. Kent says:

    Holy cow after seeing that group of three I am afraid to go back to Spin again.!!!

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