Biotin and Breakouts

Hi Guys:
For the past few months my face has been breaking out something awful. This doesn’t usually happen to me but as soon as I clear up one skin problem another seems to appear.
It has been driving me insane but I chalked it up to hormones. Or using too many different creams Nature’s Earth sent me awhile back.
Until my Aunt mentioned this weekend that she had the same issue and attributed it to the Biotin we had both started taking some months back for skin and nails!
My hairdresser recommended the supplement Biotin for stronger hair and we both needed that so we bought a bottle each. I have been taking it faithfully and he seems to think it is helping my hair get stronger and thicker.
I didn’t buy the Biotin theory until I googled it yesterday and found all sorts of message boards with people complaining about terrible acne problems using Biotin!
More people (mostly women) have had to stop using it because they were breaking out so badly, mostly on the chin.
WTH – Seriously? That has been my trouble area too.
Apparently, Biotin is water soluble and you are supposed to drink a lot of water while taking these. But even so many comments said drinking water didn’t help with the breakouts.
Read the message boards about Biotin and Acne from Makeup Alley
I stopped taking these today and a few people said it took a few weeks for their skin to improve. We’ll see if this is the culprit but the timing seems too perfect.
So, good riddance stronger, healthy hair and hello clear skin again.

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