Bikini Body?

Hi Friends:
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having today!
 My dog cracks me up because she is such an old lady. She cries to be outside but when I let her out the bugs irritate her to no end! She stares at them and leaps 2 feet in the air when they land on her. Then she wants to go inside. As soon as she gets inside she stands at the door and whines.
I know I have been talking about my weight going down lately. Yesterday I had on a pair of work pants that did not fit last year. Oh, I squeezed them on but they were seriously up my butt and I couldn’t wait to take them off at the end of the day.
I was psyched that yesterday they fit and were a bit loose. I didn’t try them on before I got dressed for work and I held my breath as I put the on. So excited!
Last year when I started my Blog I thought about putting a before picture of me in a bikini but didn’t really have the nerve to do it.
Some celeb, not me
I took a picture of me in a bikini today and I am about to post it below. Now I cheated and took a selfie like the stars do at the beach, lying down and pointing the camera down my body. This makes me look thinner but you’ll get the gist.
I still have some belly fat but even when I was 19 and was a size 0 I had a belly. Always have, probably always will. That’s just the way it is, I think.
Why am I posting this picture of myself in a bikini? I want to show that at almost 46 years old you can lose weight, tone up and look OK in a bathing suit. You do not have to settle for being unhappy with your body.
There is definitely room for improvement, but you know what, I am not 25 any more and I am OK how I look this year in a bathing suit.
With just a little hard work, some modified eating and drinking I lost the pounds I gained 2 years ago before it really got out of control.
Sure, I had only gained 12 pounds but what if it went to 20 or 25 pounds? If I didn’t do something it easily could have and probably would have.
It’s all about sacrificing one thing for another. What do you want more?
I hate exercising. Maybe not as much as before but I don’t like it.
I also love junk food. I could live on pizza, fries and chips. If I were going to the electric chair that’s what I would request as my last meal.
But what I like more than being a couch potato or junk food is being healthy as I age. So, I am choosing to sacrifice laziness and junk for a healthy life style.
My Mom and Dad aged young (think early 60’s – only 14 years aways for me) and I want to be as strong and healthy as I can be for as long as I can be so I don’t wind up like them.
The bikini picture isn’t perfect but I’ll take it.
You can too.
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